Monday, November 20, 2006

A quick social post

November is a unique month on my calendar every year. For good or bad, I'm afforded one or two weeks of little to no contracts. It's traditionally been "nail-biting" time, but this year somehow, something's changed.

I welcomed the break.

Over this last weekend I've taken in a great deal of social activity. On Friday I ventured down to an Irish pub for a quick 1/2-pint of Stout.

Saturday saw me doing much of what I love to do. I spent a few hours during the day playing with music. In the afternoon I accompanied my Mom to a Christmas Craft sale. Now... I'm not a "crafty" type, but I took the opportunity to be social. When asked why I didn't settle myself at a table, I replied,

"I could sit and chat with two or three people or I could wander and talk to EVERYBODY!",

which I'm sure I must have in the two and a half hours we were there! I didn't "work" this event, but somehow I got roped into sitting in at the raffle ticket table. I'm still scratching my head on that one. Someone got the idea that "hey, Dave's good at this selling thing! Grammas just LOVE him! Leave him there - he's good for sales!" Well, so much for wandering around being social...

As evening drew near, I trundled across town to the next event, birthday party one of two. A brief visit with some friends over... oh, look, another pint of Stout!

Sunday evening found me at the Vertigo Theatre for LORD ARTHUR SAVILE'S CRIME
by Constance Cox, based on the story by Oscar Wilde.

What a weekend! Perhaps I'll go back to work to get some rest! On today's agenda? Some... home repair brought about by a not-so-bright idea. Tomorrow, back to school.


Anvilcloud said...

Being of a different personality type than thou, it had never occurred to me to talk to people at a craft show.

Misty said...

Well I'm glad you had a full and enjoyed weekend. Looking at the Vertigo link...looks like it would have been an interesting performance. Gotta love mysteries.

Badoozie said...

hmmm interesting agenda you have there...maybe even better if you had mixed in the stout with the craft

Sarah Elaine said...

Are you sure you're a turtle? You sound like a social butterfly to me!

sare said...

Hahahaha - So you've got a way with the old ladies, heh? ;)
Wishing you a week of 'rest'!

Anonymous said...

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