Friday, April 21, 2006

Theatre with the girl PT. 2 and the PSL (almost) unmasked.

Yesterday was yet another landmark day in Turtle history. In December's post Theatre With The Girl I spoke of a most impressive date I had with S. when I discovered not only had I found an impressive girl, but I also discovered that there are those in the service industy who are still driven by the "boy/girl dynamic". Yes, gentlemen, you can achieve much more in much less time when it has anything to do with a girl! (I encouage you to read the post to see what I'm talking about)

What made yesterday "landmark"?

Well... not only did S. and I take in the theatre (Motzart's opera, The Magic Flute) - I have now met A., however briefly, it was a delight!

I refer you to an earlier post here in which I, and perhaps the world was introduced to the PSL. Close friends stick together, and the comments here are a testiment to that.

Enter "new guy", appear PSL.

Slowly but surely I am putting faces to these lovely ladies who stand by their friend. I have met C., seen Z. only in photo and have now met A.

Turtle is happy, thank you Sarah.


Granny said...

Bergman's Magic Flute on film or another version? Love that opera although I always end up cheering for the Queen of the Night.

Sarastro kidnapped Pamina. Grrr.

ipodmomma said...

have a really lovely weekend!!! :)))

Sarah Elaine said...

Just so we are clear... The PSL will never be "unmasked"... There are agents in every corner of the globe... Otherwise known as "my peeps" or "grrrl posse"... Many lurk on your blog (and then tell me that they have been lurking, without leaving comments!)

But then again, I expect that the TLA is similar...

Turtle Guy said...

GRANNY - Rooting for the underdog, or just EVIL??? Whoahha..ha..ha..ha...

IPM - ...and to you!

SE - Who knows what evil lurks within the hearts of... no, wait... that's something completely different!

Granny said...

Rooting for women's rights Dave.

Seriously I'm not alone. There was a production not long ago which approached the whole thing from the Queen's point of view.

Sarastro not only kidnapped her, he left her in the care of a chld molester.

Granny said...

Although I was kidding, sort of.

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