Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Post #2 today - Seeking D&R Therapy

...continued from Expat's Tag

When asked to come up with 6 things about myself, I immediately thought of one of my worst habits which is to "Dump and Run"... whatever's in my hands gets put down - right there, and I'm on to the next thing. In reply to this, ET had this to say:

Dave I love the D&R's one.... I'm scared to know what your house looks like. On the other hand, I teach the D&R technique daily to tweens who just don't understand that doing it right now is so much easier than spending all afternoon when you could be playing to clean it up....

Well, I don't know about "tweens", (yes, I know...) but perhaps this Turtle could use a lesson in D&R Avoidance.

To give you some examples, I immediately grabbed the camera and took a few "at this moment in time" shots to demonstrate just what my house looks like... on a fairly regular basis. For those readers who would be frightened away, here's your heads up. I am, after all, a bachelor!

Firstly, the worst space for D&R is the pony wall just inside the front door:

The ball cap is from this morning's gardening endeavour

The coffee mug is... *shreek* yesterday's coffee mug!!

The binder tends to live here as it's my daytimer.

The keys, cell phone and sunglasses come and go as I do and can be found on just about any surface at any given time.

The Kit Kat came in the door on Sunday night after dinner with my folks. It's an Easter treat for Sarah.

The bowl is kitty's water dish for the porch.

The front room is just to the left of the front door as you enter.

From near-field to rear:
A projection screen I showed to a client who wants to use it for his wedding slide show. It goes to the shop in the next trip - or at least that's the theory...

You recognize the bag and shoes from the previous post, right?

The papers are a project that should have been tidied up... a while ago...

The vase lives on the table

The box on the chair is definitely D&R! Bad Turtle!!

On to the... BATHROOM!!

Here we see incoming laundry... ready for the closet.

Now... the dreaded OFFICE!!

Here we see a paper-cutting project: request cards for the wedding on Saturday. It's "over there", so... no rush... yah... right.

Looking up some numbers
Reading from a book
The Desk Calendar

*sigh* perhaps this is one reason S. is in my life. She's all about "a place for everything and everything in its place." A good mentor, partner and friend!

...so, ET, do I qualify for therapy?


Expat Traveler said...

Dave - I do think you qualify for therapy. The good news is that you've got a good mentor - S!!!! And the better news is that your D&R isn't deep enough to not be recoverable...

Haha... But seriously, when you notice a problem, one should tend to it then. I'm not 100% the best, but P is definitely a perfect model specimen.

He's clean, neat and rather tidy. He even keeps up with the cleaning. With that said, the only thing he slacks in is with dishes during the week and a few clothes strewn on the floor. Besides that, he picks up every spec of dirt on the carpet and reminds me more of my clean freak roomate who had my exact bday. But more in a good way...

So there is hope... But just do it then when you are thinkiing you shouldn't D&R... :)

Granny said...

That doesn't look bad but then I have holligans helping out here.

I keep saying "it's easy to put it away while it's still in your hand".

My absolute pet hate is the plastic pull off strips from the tops of gallon milk containers. How much harder is it to drop the darn thing from your hand directly to recycle?

My two grown sons leave them around just to torment me. I think they pull them out of recycle to do it.

Sarah Elaine said...

Mentor, eh? Clearly you haven't seen the storage room in my basement -- or my locker at the gym. Oy vey...

Andrea said...

umm I thought you looked spotless. lol!!!
mind you I have a husband who has a habit of dump and not even accnowledge its very existance till the end of all time.
The man can make you look like Mr.Clean.

ipodmomma said...

I don't think it looks all the dropped and ran... :)))

Peter did his tag, and we are all stymied by electronic numbers... what is it?

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