Thursday, April 13, 2006

BRYAN ADAMS - Ballad King or Accomplished Rocker?

Back in January I posted about why Bryan Adams gives great Room Service.

Last week I was cruising through the mall and came across both the new albums Room Service and Anthology celebrating his 25 year career. With the Anthology came the limited edition DVD of a show on the Room Service tour - an abbreviated version of the show we saw in Calgary.

I finally got to listen to the entire disc - well, all three actually, but Room Service had some really neat tracks - not as "top 40 pop" as some of Bryan's earlier stuff. In the 90s we Adams fans were a wee bit concerned that his record label was turning him into a "Ballad King" with cuts like "Everything I Do" from Robin Hood and "Please Forgive Me".

This track, however is the last song on the disc and as far as ballads go, very nice. I think what I like about it is it isn't going to be as insanely chart-topping as some of the other stuff.

He's done some amazing photography that can be found in a couple books listed at theBryan Adams website.

I was there (at 10 years old) when Bryan Adams cut his first album, and I'm still a mega-fan.

Will he be 18 till he dies?


why do you have to be so hard to love / 2.58 / was it some man that didn't treat you right / left you reaching out for him in the middle of the night / is there some heartache that you can't out run / that makes you so afraid to get close to anyone / you're so - easy to look at / you're so easy to hold / it's so easy to touch you - but so hard to let go / it's so easy to want you - that i can't get enough / tell me why do ya have to be / why do ya have to be so hard to love / is it some hurt from long ago / that makes it so hard to let your feelings show / is it the ghost of who you used to be / that makes you so afraid to bear your soul to me

Bryan's Comments: "This song is about someone who's doing the dance of the neurotic. He's in love with her - you know... um - every time he gets closer, she pulls away. And it's the old story that it's always the ones that tear your heart out the most. She's damaged, and he knows he can't fix her. And it's sort of about wanting to grab somebody and shake them up and say 'Hey, I'm right here!' ...but you can't."


Granny said...

Once again, someone I've never heard of. My education is so lacking.

I'll check him out.

Anvilcloud said...

Didn't you know? We're all 18 (or thereabouts) until we die. Really.

Expat Traveler said...

oh you said photography and my ears sprung up like a dog! I'll have to check it out too... The music, yeah listened in the 80's but I'm not so into it anymore... Dunno... if i listened maybe I'd change my mind but those ballads pulled me away also...

wthenrest said...

Bryan Yeah!! He is great and makes me feel prepetually 18...which is a feat all in itself!!!

Sarah Elaine said...

Yeah... that's one Classic Canadian dude...

Expat Traveler said...

hey turtle guy - i've tagged you for a meme. :)

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