Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Taking the Plunge!

While S. dives into swimming, D. is stepping out on to the dance floor. Today I signed up for... yes...

dance lessons.

You read correctly.

Dance lessons.

The frustration of feeling inferior at the Latin dance club to the point of sitting on the side lines observing people having fun has taken its toll.

Frustration led to utter discontentment.

Utter discontentment led to a whole realm of feelings I'd rather not discuss here.

The end result?

I signed up. I committed. I did it. Once a week for 8 weeks. ALSO, I bought the instructional DVD. I am going to drill this home to the point it's so second-nature I'll be dancing down the street.

Basically I've had it with being an observer.
I've had it - being a watcher and not a doer.
It hurts too much.
So, I'm going to do.

Salsa was the flavour of the day - and in fact, in the weeks to come I've been told to expect more of the same with variations on the theme.

You know, maybe I'll never be a Fred Astare or Twinkletoes Finstone... but I had a great time! More on this as it develops!


Granny said...

That's great. Remember to have fun with it and that Fred and Gene probably started out one foot tripping over the other.

We women would remind you Ginger could do everything Fred did - backwards and in three inch heels.

ipodmomma said...

yeah! can't wait to hear how it goes... :)))

Anvilcloud said...

Good for you. I've been trying to figure out what salsa is, but I don't really know. Remember that no one is watching you; they're really not.

traveller one said...

Gosh you're very brave! :)

Bast said...

Good on you!! I signed up for tap this winter and I'm loving it, loving, loving it! All my Fred Astaire fantasies are coming true (now if I can just work on the William Shatner ones ...)

wthenrest said...

Good on ya! Twinkletoes...hehe I love that one... I forgot about that hehehehe
Have fun that is what it is all about...Fred is the only Fred- remember that. BUT you are the only YOU . :0)

Sarah Elaine said...

Umm... Isn't Fred dead? And you're alive and kicking... Kicking up those heels, actually!

Anyway... I'm with Granny... We ladies learn to do it all going backwards... and in 3" heels! (Ouch, makes my knees hurt just thinking about it!)

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