Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Now it's my turn to blog about food.

Yesterday was full and rich. I got lots done in preperation for a new tenant arriving first of the month.

Painting, painting, painting! Coat #3 and hopefully the final call!

After buzzing around - between coats of paint - I was in need of some down time and a good meal. Since food is a big topic in the blog-o-sphere, I thought I'd contribute.

...had cabbage salad at S.'s on Sunday, a fantastic cook in her own right, Sarah has a wonderful room mate who very much knows her way around a kitchen!

Thanks to L., I was inspired to buy a cabbage...

Because one cannot live on cabbage salad alone, we must build fire! No, wait... we must build fire because man cannot cook on anything that isn't a bar-b-que! That's it.

Now... don't panic... it's just a little fire.

City of Calgary bylaw states that a recreational fire must be "under control and small enough to cook on"

This, of course, depends on what it is you're cooking, right...

...well, here it is - do you think it justifies a sizeable fire?

OK... *sigh* we'll settle the fire down a bit

The end result?

Just what I needed to top a day of progress!


Granny said...

That's a relief. I thought you might be barbecuing the cabbage.

Great strides Dave.

Sarah Elaine said...

Good photos... though they did make me a bit ansy (sp?), being the pyro-phobe I am...

I'll tell L. you inspired her. She'll beam with pride.

Turtle Guy said...

SE - Nice. She deserves a good beam!

G - Speaking of inspiration... bbq cabbage gives me an idea!

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