Friday, February 17, 2006

PSL: The " R. " Mafia

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Smitten Turtle

I thought it might be wise to address the apparent emergence of what I affectionately call the “R” Mafia. Since it’s been made known my relationship (association, among other things) with Lady Sarah, I have come to understand the existence of a small but influential group of pro-SE activists.

How timely was my introduction by one who could very well be the ring leader, however there is no direct evidence of a hierarchy of protectionists.
ZOUZOU wrote initially:
“I'm on the commando death-squad of the PLS (Protect Sarah League), in case there's any misbehavin' from the likes of youse”
Indicating, of course, that this may very well be an organization based in both official languages of the nation. Identified in brackets as the “Protect Sarah League”, it is also hinted that perhaps this organization may have roots en Francais as the “Ligue de Protection de Sarah”.

Not long after initial contact, I was approached by one BAST
who claimed
“I am a card-carrying member of the PSL too! So ditto on the wise words of Zouzou.”

There seems to be some concern regarding my pending action with and/or influence on Lady Sarah.
To quote BAST:
“Does this mean our Matrix evening is off??? Please, gods, no!”

A few words from Lady Sarah herself put to rest the notion of a controlling force:
“You haven't seen me cancel plans with you in the past few months, have you? One blog post (i.e. the previous one) won't change that!”

It appears, too, that the PSL is not without compassion and good, kind words:

-Good stuff!
-Turtle, you seem to have hit the jackpot

So, in acknowledgement of the PSL, the “R.” Mafia, I hereby put in writing for all to witness:
I am here to compliment, not compromise.

…And for the record: Turtle, too has a Protection League, quite possibly outnumbering the PSL, only without a collective image. Perhaps it needs a name.


ipodmomma said...

interesting psot...

I think you two make a superb couple, and I know very little of you...

well, you both did like the fruitcake... that's something... :)))

wthenrest said...

Although I am also of the PSL ..I am more the observational type. Sarah is a big girl and can take care of herself. Plus I don't know you at all to give you pain :0)

You seem genuine though..that's good

Chrystal said...

I am a member of Turtle Lovers Anonymous (TLA). Another card carrying member is Jeepnut42 (my fiancee Chris). We acknolwledge the efforts of the PSL and can understand their passionate statements as we, the members of the TLA, are also protective of our friend.
Of course, I'm thinking that there isn't much protecting going to be needed with these two...Dave and Sarah are both awesome people and I think they are looking at some really nice times ahead.

ipodmomma said...

oh, please post a picture!

one of you and Sarah might be nice too...

Sarah Elaine said...

Tee hee... did you mean "compliment" or "complement"? Either way... cute post!

Turtle Guy said...

*sigh* I suppose my head was all a-gaze about the girl... "complement", of course, but "compliments" are good too!

zouzou said...

Turtle, you are hilarious! good on ya. looking forward to meeting you in person one of these days...

A. said...

Funny funny...

Turtle, I'd like to see your picture too.

As another member of the PSL, it is important that we have all the tools to fulfill our duty. (Plus, it makes for less surprise for the day that we actually meet!)

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