Sunday, February 05, 2006

Where's Waldo?

It seems our good friend and Seattlite observer of everything interesting, Elliot has disappeared! A number of days ago now I realized his page was missing and the link on my sidebar took me to a virtual nowhere... a "We've swallowed Elliot whole, but thanks for coming out!" page. Elliot's pulled a Waldo on us - you know, the skinny kid with the glasses and striped shirt who hides out in a throng of people - hoping to be searched out by an inquisitive mind and a sharp eye. Only, in this vast expanse of webspace it should be easy to find Elliot - he's so unlike everyone else!

It's rather disappointing to click in anticipation of juicy bits and well chosen words only to be presented with a virtual brick wall. Brick is great for all things cozy... fireplaces, Italian houses, the third pig's real estate investment... but not for something as insulting as a barricade to one of the most insightful web logs in the 'sphere!

To whomever (question for S: is this correct, or should it be "whoever"?) absconded with Elliot, we want him back!

Elliot, wherever you may be, we prey for your safe return. If you've moved, we need your new address!

Come back soon, we miss you!


Sarah Elaine said...

Yes, it should be "whomever" in this case... You use "whom" following a preposition (e.g. "to", as in "To Whom it May Concern".)

I tried Elliot's link from my page, too, and it didn't work. I think something similar happened a few months back? I can't remember... there was something weird there.

Anyway, I'm with you... Where's Elliot?

We want ELLIOT! We want ELLIOT!

Elle said...

Yes indeed! Where is Elliot?

Elle said...
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Sarah Elaine said...

Heard through the grapevine that Elliot is indeed gone... at least for now... though he may be lurking.

Feels a bit funny, really... You get to accustomed to seeing someone's blog... look forward to visiting it and then, it's simply... gone.

Could it be that we take our favorite blogs for granted?

Maybe I should have written a letter of appreciation to Elliot, too!

Oh well... Elliot, if you read this... I appreciated what you wrote... The blog-o-sphere won't be the same without you, wise man.

Granny said...

I heard from ipodmomma (I think) that Elliott has many interesting things going on at once and has stopped blogging, at least for now.

I also heard he may be lurking.

Granny said...

Before I forget, Dmitri may not be around as much either for much the same reasons.

Tiffany said...

I was wondering what happened to Elliot! Suddenly I couldn't read his blog anymore!

Sorry I've not been around myself. I've been TRYING to be good and knit as that is the whole point of my blog, but instead got sidetracked by some books, some crochet projects (which I will never do again), and life in general. ;-)

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