Sunday, March 27, 2011

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Have I discovered a time machine?

It would appear that my spare room storage is really a time capsule. Amongst all and sundry, I found one of my Aunt's photo albums.

Yes, indeedy.

It's one of those old-school albums that has the peel-back plastic and low-tack glue designed to hold your prized photographs in place.

On the back page my Aunt kept our school photos over the years. They were awkward to scan, but when I tried to remove the photos to lay them out on the scanner bed individually, I discovered that 1970s low-tack glue - over time - becomes New Millennium Super Glue. As cropped and weird as the scans look, here's a glimpse into not only my past, but my sister's past as well.

Hee hee... not sure what I'm going hear about leaking her photos...

Turtle Guy Evolves. If you compare the first photo, taken in Kindergarten (c. 1975) to the photo currently on the sidebar of the blog (c. 2010), you'll note I no longer use binding tape to hold my glasses together. Quite an accomplishment.

Turtle's Sister. The photo sequence is far more complete, ranging from K-12. The time period however (c. 1973 - 1985) corresponds.

So from photos of childhood beginnings to school-day computers unearthed to long-lost lighter 5-packs, it's been an enlightening, if not entertaining weekend... not to mention educational.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Have I discovered a time machine?



Expat Traveler said...

Time machine? Not sure, nostalgia, possibly? I had done the same thing many years ago actually. Sort of liked doing it. It's really funny how we evolve though when you look at it..

Now if we could have taken a photo a day like that... That would have been cool!

Thanks for the wishes on our new little one.

Janice said...

I would say its more like a time capsule.

It's always fun to dig through our past.


Karen said...

Lovely photos :o) But what happened to your glasses in the interim? Did you take them off to have your photo taken? (I used to do that!)

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