Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Request to blog

I'm a tired Turtle.

Remember when you were a kid and your parents told you there was nothing like a good night's sleep to make the world a brighter place?

They weren't kidding; they were actually serious, and for good reason:

It's true.

I went to lunch with my Mom last Tuesday because when she has a day off from her regular weekly yoga, she likes to sample the ethnic food theme days in the cafe. Last week they tried to pass off frozen mixed veg, as Vietnamese stirfry and plain white rice as Jasmine. The chicken skewers were tasty, but I didn't know that skewers were a Vietnamese thing. We both agreed that the meal was somewhat less than stellar, but what stood out in my mind was my mood - also less than stellar.

I was irritable, grumpy and generally no fun to be around. It might have been a good time to suggest a different day for a visit, however I knew Mom really wanted to go to the cafe lunch because even at its worst, it's better than the assembly line, no-flavour-added "chicken-or-beef-selection" they get in the dining room on their floor. The "sameness" of it all I think gets to her after a while.

Today her yoga instructor was off, so with yoga class cancelled she could stay in and enjoy another Tuesday lunch in the cafe. She invited me - kind of her since I was such a barrel of laughs LAST week - so I joined her for a Greek repass.

You know what?

It was bordering on phenomenal! Albeit, no feta cheese OR black olives in the Greek salad... nevertheless, it was good and Mom went wide-eyed over the "warm Greek potatoes" and Lemon Fish while I savoured the chicken pita wrap.

I've been spending the last while sorting out my year end, preparing for my accountant her requested 12 envelopes of financial fun. The dollars picture around here is still not back to sparkly, and that being the case, I anticipate a GST refund, perhaps enough to say... cover the accounting bill?

The other day I said to the teller at the bank,

"I'd like a year where my taxes go through the roof... only because it would mean I've made a TON of money!"

We laughed because we both knew that's not the ONLY way one's taxes might go through the roof. Wishful thinking though.

Last weekend was harried. I arrived at Sunday feeling beat down, exhausted, burnt out and overworked. Even though I was doing what I love to do, I over-did it.

One event on Saturday that contributed to my tiredness, but was quite enjoyable was the annual Baiden Powell Dinner for the 38th Scouts of which my middle niece is one. In fact, not only was she decorated with her Religion In Life badge, she also graduated from Cubs to Scouts.

My friend Matt (the fellow who helped me refinish my hardwood floors here) and who's famous in my circle of blogging buddies for his dislike of raisin pie (the story here), was at the dinner. His Dad, Lorne, is a fire chief in Calgary and is also involved quite actively with the Rover company. He gave a talk on water rescue in the Calgary area which included a 5 minute department video.

I ended Saturday on a really pleasant note. My last pickup of the evening was at the Alberta Wilderness Association's Music For the Wild. I supply the sound system for this quarterly event. This month, Jim McLennan played amazing guitar tunes: many of his own works plus lots of familiar favourites.

It's been a chilly time here too. Today was -37C if you take into account the windchill factor. Here we are at the beginning of March, and for the last number of weeks folks around here have been grumpy. Yours truly, no exception. I think it may have contributed to a number of road incidents I've witnessed too.

Yesterday I went down to Okotoks to drop off an order for the school and was greeted with this as I reached the top of the Glenmore overpass:

On my return from the bank around 9:00 this morning, I drove by my friend Sharon's parent's house, not two blocks from my own and saw a car "parked" on their front lawn. At first I literally thought it was intentional: it was dead-straight, and the driver appeared to simply be sitting in the car as if she were waiting for someone to come out of the house for a ride. When I slowed down to realize that she was indeed stuck, I stopped, got out and told her I'd run home and grab a tow rope and a shovel to help. On my return there was a fellow towing her car out with his truck. When I inquired with Sharon via email (she's my friend in the Vancouver area) if she'd heard from her parents about it, she said it was a result of "doing donuts in the intersection". Funny - the girl seemed really rather embarrassed and said,

"Do you think I should leave them a note? ...I really feel like I should go home and start this day all over again!"

Additionally, I found out via Facebook that my friend Sarah had been rear ended today - the second time in four months. Her car is likely written off, but she's OK aside from a headache and stiff from head to toe.

I do have some happier news - what should have been blogged about in late January alas, I've been remiss in my blogging duties. You can thank my sister for putting in a "request to blog" It seems that's how she keeps tabs on her Turtle brother. She's a "lurker". (I KNOW I'm going to get a call about THAT one!)

Tune in tomorrow for how I celebrated my birthday "Venice Style"!

Until then, keep warm and cheerful.

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