Friday, March 25, 2011

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Who made the rule that says we have to keep stuff??

I'm taking a break from cleaning out the "spare" bedroom - the one I've used over the years as a Master, a yoga room and most recently a catch-all storage room for - well, to be honest - just stuff. It's full of stuff that I've felt should be kept, but never bothered to sort. Makes me wonder if I really need it all anyway?

I've given it a good three hours tonight and I'm exhausted, but determined. I'm going to bang away at it until it's clear. I really need a place to put all the stuff that I want to throw out. I've felt for a couple years that perhaps an industrial dumpster might be handy.

Moreover, what do I do with the stuff I want to keep? For instance, I came across a box FULL of snap photos dating back to the 90s. I've never bothered to album them up, so do they really matter? My Apple IIc and all it's accessories... boxed, but it might go well with my "vintage" theme. Alas, I have no place for it.

So the sorting and pondering will continue tonight until I drop.

It begs the question that is also tonight's title: "Who made the rule that says we have to keep stuff??"


Anvilcloud said...

An Apple IIC. Really?

Turtle Guy said...


Expat Traveler said...

Yeah I'm guilty of keeping way too much while hubby is opposite. We need to spring clean again for sure. Hopefully I'll get the bug in a few weeks. WE have to move too!

I've got Garbage Pail kids from the 80's! Stickers galore and a collection of baseball cards too.

Way too much stuff, yes!

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