Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"You'd better hurtle, Turtle!"

Those were the words that flashed through my mind tonight. John, my rep at Shaw Renovation and Construction dropped by with his sample board for me to pick my roof colour. I was pleased to see the colour to match the existing roof. Grey, I did not want.

Calgary is in a state of craze roofing wise and I've heard that many people are waiting until the Fall to get their claims settled and their roofs repaired. I asked John when the work might commence - indicating I suspected... October??

"Oh, no. August. We're doing two to three roofs a day.", he replied.

I just about fell over.

Tonight's blog title flashed through my mind because I have to have everything in the Blue Room out of the way and the tarp down from the trough line before they start.

Guess I'm sorting and packing sooner and faster than I'd anticipated!

The Blue Room overhead.

From the yard.

The contents of the shed to be sorted and purged... and to make room for furniture.

The shed, now empty!

Beginning to move from the living room to the shed

A few pieces of furniture to go!

Looking from the front door across the pony wall toward the office.

The office is moving into the kitchen until probably September sometime.

Until I'd done it, I didn't realize that my entire book collection fits into one bookshelf. And here I thought I was well read!

My record collection crammed into two stacked bookshelves to the right of the fridge as a temporary measure

My friend Dave B. has agreed to allow me to use his son for muscle tomorrow. We're going to move a bulk of the remaining furniture to the shed.

Wish me luck, not to mention God's speed in clearing the patio in time for my anxious roofers!

Speaking of God... thank you. It would appear that sometimes what seems disaster is truly a blessing.

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Anvilcloud said...

But ar we having fun yet?

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