Friday, August 06, 2010

Only two stories tonight

One is health related. The other, technology.

A couple weeks ago I helped a friend, Adam, move to Red Deer. I didn't think anything of it at the time, but while loading furniture, I'd lost my footing on the walkway from his front door, stumbled and ended up on the ground. My end of whatever piece of furniture it was landed square on the outside of my right leg, south of the knee. It turned a bit red, but no harm done, I thought. For the last couple days I've had some significant swelling in that area, and there is a significant lump at the site of impact. The swelling goes down overnight, but the lump remains and the inflammation returns about mid-day. I went to the walk-in clinic at Market Mall tonight preceding my 8:15 appointment at the Apple Store (see the next story) I figured I have a hematoma, except that in my experience, a hematoma generally turns blue like a bruise. According to the doc, this isn't always the case. He figures it may also remain - as in permanently. To be sure, he's ordered an ultrasound. I am to call for an appointment Monday.

If I haven't said it enough, I'm truly impressed with Apple and Everything Mac (as the slogan goes). Even when (rarely) there's a mess up, all it proves is how fabulous the customer service is. Recently a software upgrade for iPhone was released. I tried updating as usual by plugging my phone into my Mac and using iTunes to initiate the upgrade. It did everything it was supposed to: it backed up my current configuration, installed the new software... but hung up reinstalling the backup - all my settings, contacts, playlists etc. All the phone did was proceed through 25% of the reinstallation, then restart and loop. I called the Apple customer service line. Their recommendation was to make an appointment at the Apple Store, which they did for me and confirmed my time. Annie was my service rep for the trouble ticket. She started by re-trying what I had already attempted, cautioning me that we'd likely have to wipe the phone clean and start from scratch. This is, in fact, what we ended up doing. They have an all-powerful service tech version of reinstall that isn't available to the average iTunes user. It cleaned up my phone troubles within about ten minutes and I walked away sporting a Version 4.0.1 iPhone. The best part? For zero dollars. During the trouble-shoot Annie and I yammered on about this, that and the other. Can't remember how we got on the topic of accounting, but it turned into an opportunity for me to refer my accountant Julia to Annie. I think I've raved about Julia in blog posts past, but if not, let me say, she's amazing.

Me an' my lumpy leg are off to dreamland.

Turtle out.


Anvilcloud said...

Harrumph: at Apple prices, they should have a tech living with you full time. (kidding)

Good luck with the leg.

sari said...

Hey, long time no talk. :-)

Hope your leg's all right. Mystery body problems seem to be cropping up more and more, no matter where you go.

About Apple, I have a MacBook and I LOVE it. It was expensive, yes. I bought it about two years ago, maybe three. My old computer had windows on it and pretty much froze up every time I used it. This one I never have any problems with when I'm using it. Any time I need any help from Apple, they're right there and I haven't paid either (even with one out of warranty issue where the outer case had a small crack in it, they replaced it for free). I wholeheartedly recommend them!

Turtle Guy said...

My Mac wasn't all that expensive really - I got it off the CanWest Apple Store on line. Their regular price was Apple's Educational price. I then got the Educational discount simply by clicking on "U of C". I think all tolled, the package was around $1650. And Sari - I echo your experience with anything PC. I was rebuilding my POS Celeron box about every month or so, and if my TIME is worth $30 an hour or more, the Mac has already paid its way. Funny too - I needed way more support with my PC and Microsoft never had anyone I could just pop over to the mall to see about it. AND the only piece of software that ever hangs on the Mac is MSN Messenger which, by the way, is a Microsoft product. Seems you need a crappy machine to run crappy software properly. :P Everything else I run - Microsoft based or Apple - appears to run seamlessly.

That's my rant. 'Nuff said.

sari said...

I refuse to download anything onto my computer that is MSN-related. There are a lot of streaming music shows I'd like to listen to, but I just don't because of MSN.

They shall not sully my laptop, or wreck it.

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