Sunday, August 29, 2010

Things have been moving swiftly here at Chez Tortue - the floor is done and the roof is well underway. It's a rainy day Sunday here, so no roofing activity today. In fact, I'm moving extra-slowly and really don't feel up to the daunting task of a large catchup post about floors and roof. That would take too many brain cells.

Instead, I saw these and thought they would be neat to share... being the B.A. fan I am.

Bryan Adams played Vancouver on August 21st, with special guests... The Beach Boys.

Worth a laugh - I studied both poets in English 354.

I earned a C+ on my first Shakespeare essay, a B+ on this presentation of Bryan Adams' "18 Til I Die"


Anvilcloud said...

I remember doing a presentation on Irving Layton's, Newsboy. At least I think I do. :)

Janice said...

Sorry, Dave, I don't read much poetry.

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