Thursday, March 05, 2009

It's OK to be sad

On my way home from the University tonight I bumped into a long time friend who invited me in for tea, literally.

We talked for about three hours, something of my course, a bit about life in general and about relationships with people. We also touched on some of what's been troubling me about "being". I asked her quite directly if our happiness comes from within us and that outside influences don't affect that, why it is we ever feel sad or angry or any of what we construe as 'negative' emotions.

"Because it's normal", was her reply.

Well, thank goodness for that - I'm normal!

Right now I'm sad. And that's OK.


Anvilcloud said...

"Well, thank goodness for that - I'm normal!"

Dave, I hate to break this to you ...

... just kidding.

Turtle Guy said...

...there's a "human"ness about this, isn't there...

Janice said...

Yes, Dave it is okay to be sad.

We're after all human beings, as such we are emotional and not robotic atomatons.

And if you feel like it, its okay to cry too.


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