Monday, March 09, 2009


...seemed a suitable title for this post. I spent the bulk of Friday evening and into the wee hours cleaning house - in several ways. There has been a tremendous loss of energy in my home. Not because of a leaky roof or poorly sealed windows, but because of the incredible amount of STUFF around. I've blogged about having too much stuff of my own, but this is different. This STUFF is STUFF that other people have left behind over time. It seems that those, other than me, who live in my house from time to time tend not to take all their STUFF with them when they go.

I started with, and honestly didn't get much further than, the spare room. If this room could talk... it was once my office, then converted back to a guest room when Terri arrived from south of the boarder. She and Emarie inhabited the basement suite after a previous tenant left all her STUFF down there, but that's a whole other story. Nathalie used the room as her reading room and quiet space while she was here, and after that Terri's sister's boyfriend at the time rented the space until returning to the East Coast at Christmas. Everyone, with the exception of T. & E. left a great deal of STUFF behind, and let's face it - other people's stuff in my space still uses my energy. In fact, if it were my stuff, it would be here by choice and would likely contribute to good energy all around. Regardless, however, I have discovered that having less stuff increases the good energy in a space.

So, with a strategic plan in place, the whole house should be free of life-sucking STUFF within the week, and the plan is that what will remain is one comfy Chez Tortue. Or maybe a better term would be Chateau. Indeed.

Oh, I need an acronym for STUFF. I got as far as "Stuff That Utterly Fills..." and I'm stuck. Maybe there's another one... hmm... I thought of some with really nasty words that were quite satisfying to my soul, but this is a G-rated blog... or at least tries to be... maybe it doesn't have to be... will I feel better? Probably.

Turtle out.

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