Thursday, April 26, 2007

A little love... and a few things I do

I spent yesterday evening in the company of the folks at the pottery studio. I haven't been out in a couple weeks, and there were a few 'new to me' faces. Quite a number of people, too - an unusually busy place.

I've been at this since August, and it never ceases to amaze me how wonderfully comfortable I am in that space - regardless of how incredibly bad I was at "art" in school.

I'm not sure how many of you live in a "big city", but I've noticed the incredible amount of stress in people, and often wonder why more of us don't "snap". I've taken up massage and chiropractic for that very reason - they're a drug-free approach to dealing with the stresses on my body and mind. As for my spirit, I believe that pottery addresses the stress in that realm, too.

To call people who do pottery "earthy" seems a bit, I dunno, obvious, but it fits. It doesn't even strike me as an art prone to "cliquishness", although it may be in other venues. Last night we all seemed to be quite social, and helped each other with our projects. It seems I've found a space full of really genuine and friendly people.

There's a class party scheduled in the next couple weeks, so I'm looking forward to socializing with these "earthy" types and sharing some good food, drink and music - music being another of my passions.

When I got home, I spent some time listening to music, and came across this tune on my recently purchased DVD, "Bryan Adams - Unplugged". As I ponder what life will be like as a student of poetry in the next term, these words were particularly attrative to hear, and really quite... human.

Some people walk the straight and narrow,
Some walk the rocky road;
Some get the silver spoon,
And some get the heavy load;
There's a man in a paper box,
Smiles whenever we walk by
We just walk a little faster and say,
"There before the grace of God go I"
Just a little love,
A little love,
A little love can change it all.

Well I've been up and down this highway,
I ain't seen a road sign yet;
It's a cold hard world,
you've got to hang on to what you get;
Well I don't believe in miracles,
that don't mean they don't come true;
But I may not get to heaven,
but I get a little closer when I've with you.
Just a little love,
A little love,
A little love can change it all.

Well I get a little tired walking down the street
people on my side, everyone I meet
They don't know what's on my mind,
they don't know that they might find
A little love,
A little love,
A little love can change it all.

Right when you think you don't need love
Is when you need it most;
Even if you've got
the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost;
There's a lot of truth
in what we know is true
We wander around in the darkness,
but Every now and again a little light shines through
With a little love,
A little love,
A little love can change it all.


Misty said...

Amen to that.

I do believe that love shines a light on all the things in our life to make us stand up and take notice, to appreciate, to be humbled, to feel like we are walking on air and soaring through the clouds.

Ba Doozie said...

Love hath eluded me for too long now. Oh Careless Whisper

ipodmomma said...

we all need ways to mellow out, and hand in hand with that is realizing how important getting rid of stress is... sounds like you have a good handle on one way!

plus you get a handy item as well...

Sarah Elaine said...

Good lyrics. I think there's lots of different ways of defining love. The one I like best goes along with the more Eastern ways of thinking... deeply connected to human compassion, but free of desire (as in... taking one as one is, rather than as we would like them to be and not trying to change them). One term is "loving kindness". Not as sexy as the Hollywood mumbo jumbo, but it's been around for centuries.

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