Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Am I ambitious, or just plain stupid?

The semester is rolling to a close with one more class next week, two essays due and a final exam on the 20th.

Perfect time, don't you think, to consider my next course?


So, off to the Registrar's office I trundled this morning. As I sat at the desk waiting for the fellow to process my payment, there was some confusion as to whether or not I'd met the prerequisites for the course.
The course: English 354 - an introduction to poetry
The Prof: Dear M.H. (a woman to whom I will soon dedicate a blog post)

The Registrar attendant ran away, only to return with a puzzled look on his face. I had met the requirements, but something didn't add up.

"The fees don't seem to jibe.", he said.

Tap, tap, tap...

"Did you know this is a 6-credit course?", he asked.

"Sorry?", I said...

"I thought the fee was awfully high, but it makes sense. English 354 is a full 6-credit course."

"Oh... OK... that means it's like two half-courses, right?", I confirmed.

"Yes.", he said.

"Oh boy...", I said sort of under my breath.

You see, I felt pretty ambitious taking on a whole semester in the Spring, six-week session. It appears I'm, in reality, taking on a full-year course in six weeks.

I had to let this sink in.

Let's see... working full time, high season, and now twice the course I was banking on.

Oh boy.

"Do you still want to register?", asks my attendant, after we've run the payment...

My mind raced to a scene in one of my favourite movies, "Die Hard III - With A Vengeance" in which a well-meaning explosives expert sits in the basement of a school facing a cooler-turned-bomb, snipping away at wires to disarm the beast. As the counter heads ferociously toward zero, his partners are on the radio SCREAMING at him to "Get the hell out of there!" He quietly replies as I did,

"No guts, no glory!"

So, it is clear that six weeks of my life will be, out of necessity, ferociously focused on school. I've sent an email to my prof. BEGGING an early heads up on the reading list for the term. I, at least, have a three-week grace period between terms to pre-read like a daemon.

What have I done!?


Anvilcloud said...

What's the phrase: "Batten down the hatches and full speed ahead"? Although some say, "Damn the torpedoes."

smiley said...

Wow, Good luck with the course. I'm sure you'll be fine. it's like the quote by Sir Authur C Clarke. "the only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible."

Anonymous said...

Your course doesn't make you either. It's simply you going after what you want. Nothing wrong with that...full steam ahead then!

I can appreciate smiley's quote as we usually place a boundary on our potential - how far we are willing to go, instead of trusting in ourselves and seeing where the natural boundary of our potential lies.

Good luck in your studies!

ipodmomma said...

definitely no guts no glory...

will be thinking of you, and cheering you on!

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