Saturday, April 07, 2007

From essay mode to the theatre

Short post. I took my head out of essay mode last night to take in Reign Over Me. I'm generally not an Adam Sandler fan, but he's definitely redeemed himself in my eyes.

When you watch it, pay particular attention to the close-up monologue in the final third of the movie. I was touched, and quite surprised at the delivery.

Quite truly a story of the pain of loss and the endurance of love.

Four out of five stars.

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Anonymous said...

It truly was a story about how people deal with grief and loss in their own way and in their own time. I think the hardest part is how to be the best friend you can be to that person because you really do not know how the other person is feeling.

When Charlie finally opens up, it was enough to draw tears from my eyes. I think his exchanges with his in-laws and Johnson's exchange with his wife close to the end were also profound.

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