Sunday, March 04, 2007

Test anxiety

A day or so before our midterm exam, our prof. sent us these real-life answers to exam questions. We all deal with test anxiety differently, and I must say that I wish I had had the sense of humour demonstrated here.

A couple are hard to read, so click on the image to enlarge... it's worth the read!

Clever, don't you think?

Written as a true English student lost in the faculty of Mathmatical Science. It's difficult to make out here, but it reads:
"It’s curvy, with a higher bit at the end and a rather aesthetically pleasing slope downwards toward a pretty flat straight bit. The actual graph itself consists of 2 straight lines meeting at the lower left hand corner of the graph and moving away at a 90 degree angle. Each line has an arrowhead on the end."

He did follow the directions to the letter, now didn't he?

This one's my favourite of all of them, truly!


Miss 1999 said...

*LOL* Ok, I saw the rest of them, and was confused (because me and ANYTHING dealing with mathmatics just don't compute) and then I saw the pic with the elephant-- that's great! :0)

P. said...

Oh my lol! Thanks for the laugh! Those examples look like something I'd have done if asked the same things. I was horrible at math.

the "expand" one is great. "very funny Peter" lol.

Anonymous said...

those are just golden, i'm laughing til it hurts

Jamie Dawn said...

Great humor!
I'm currently taking College Algebra. If I get stumped on a quiz or test question, I think I'll try and get some points for humor. I think good humor should be worth a couple of points, even if the answer is wrong.
Thanks for sharing these!!

Janice said...

Hi Dave,

I loved the elephant, one it kinds looks like something I might have done in my younger and more ignorant days.


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