Friday, March 02, 2007

Sick of it

...being sick, that is.

Dumb, stupid, no-good cold.

It was headache day today. Not only that, I spent the bulk of the day cleaning up a flood in the basement.

Dumb, stupid, no-good flood.

I've been desperately avoiding taking drugs for this. I finally broke down and bought a box of Neo Citran and a package of Extra-strength Halls. I miss good-ol'-English Hacks, but as the saying goes: "If it's good, they discontinue it."

Dumb, stupid, no-good discontinued-because-they-were-good Hacks.

I picked up a sound system rental at 7:30 this morning before visiting the chiropractor. Oh, and speaking of chiropractor, he cracks me up. Punn intended. You see, today I was all-a-crunch with adjustments. Five or six to be exact. And when I say "crunch", I MEAN "CRUNCH!" Just call me Snap, Crackle or Pop. Take your pick. Two of these were painful, too. I've RARELY had a PAINFUL adjustment. Apparently it's to be expected (being out of wack, that is) when you've had a cold. Hacking, coughing and sneezing all can cause subluxations. Today, I was the poster boy for subluxations. Only, I don't recall signing any royalty agreement. I'll have to look into that.

Dumb, stupid, no-good subluxations.

Can you tell I'm cranky? Drove rush-hour traffic across town and back today too.

Dumb, stupid, no-good rush-hour traffic.

Bedtime for Bonzo.



Expat Traveler said...

Well well... You made me laugh so hard tonight... And P loved it too...

I had a wonderful day because I'm done with my tutoring job that makes me feel like your post...

Feel better quick... Laughter helps cure everything... ;-)

Anvilcloud said...

Bed, best thing for it.

ipodmomma said...

at least your sense of humour is still intact! feel better soon....

Jeremiah said...

Before I looked up "subluxation", I tried to guess what it meant. I came up with "sublux" meaning, "less than luxurious" and "-ation" meaning, "short for vacation". So, I figured that you were having a less than luxurious vacation, which meant that your filet mignon was slightly too aged, or that the caviar said beluga, but actually tasted more whitefish.

Then, I looked it up and realized that you just need to have an extra martini tonight. Which, by the way, is the cure for everything.

Take it slow, turtle.

Pamela said...

Alright, you can wake up now Turtle Guy. You keep calling out, something like dumb, stupid...hope you feel better soon! :)

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