Saturday, March 03, 2007

Still sick, the basement is drier and I played with some numbers

The wee flood we had here on Thursday caused me more grief than it warranted, really. I think it had more to do with having to clean something up - however minor it may have been - when I had no time to devote to such side-track endeavours. It may also have been that hanging out in a cold, wet basement wasn't the best thing for my state of wellness.

I cranked the heat up yesterday whilst I vacuumed up water. Leaving the heat up overnight and all day today has not only dried up the basement, it has also made me feel better. Upstairs has been very toasty.

I spent the day crunching numbers and creating a budget for the business year 2007. I'm a bit of a strange animal in that I absolutely HATE data entry. I dispise, nay loath... well, you get the idea. What I LOVE, strangely enough, is watching how the numbers work. I love reading spreadsheets: cashflow, balance sheets, income statements and so forth. So today gave me an opportunity to build a spreadsheet and speculate the numbers. I love forcasting... changing a value in one area of a spreadsheet and watching the formulas make the automatic adjustments to the bottom line. Ask me to do that manually and we now have a whole different story. (See above comment about loathing.)

I think I'll spend Sunday in Domestic Mode. There are all kinds of projects on the go, but I think in my current state I'll choose a couple low-impact activities like folding laundry and feeding the cat.


sare said...

eeeeeeeeew, numbers just make me cringe.

what a drag ... hope you are feelin' better soon!

Expat Traveler said...

playing with numbers hmmm...

I'd certainly rather be playing on the internet...

That eclipse has probably come or gone but I think I'm not more of a fan of the lunar eclipse since you can photograph it...

Miss 1999 said...

I'm the opposite-- I LOVE data entry, but hate how numbers work (usually, because it's against me). Sorry about the flood, I had a mini flood (caused by a pipe coming loose under my kitchen sink) on friday. Cleaning that up wasn't much fun, either :0( I hope you get to feeling better, soon! *Hugs*

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