Saturday, February 24, 2007

What a gas!

Booting around town today on my rounds with work, I glanced down at the gas gauge to note that it was reading particularly, well, low. I figured the thing to do was to head for the nearby gas station. I was headed south on 19th, ready to turn left on the Transcanada Highway. The light was red, I was the first in line. The light turned green, I hit the gas, only... there wasn't any.

There I was, stopped. Dead. I had run the chariot dry. Behind me, three or four cars waiting to turn left. Well, sorry - this bus isn't going to move anytime soon!

I put the 4-way flashers on, got up out of my seat and walked to the back of the van to fetch the gas can I had "conveniently" stowed, but not filled. Truth be known, I was running behind today and KNEW I needed fuel, so I had emptied the can into the gas tank before leaving the driveway!

There I was, 2 blocks from the gas station. I got out of the van sporting the red gas container. Immediately the cars behind me made their way around my van, and I'm sure a few of the drivers had a chuckle, and had I been looking, I might have recieved the odd glare or snarl.

When I asked to pay for my almost-$9.00 worth of fuel, the girl behind the counter gave me a strange look.

"Where's your van?", she asked. (I'm a regular at this particular gas bar.)

"Over on the other side of Home Depot in the left turn lane of 19th. Street.", I said.

The lady behind me in line started laughing,

"Ya ALMOST made it eh?", she said with a grin.

"Sigh... yah..."

As I was standing at the side of my van feeding it the $10.00 shooter it requested defiantly, I heard a couple honks from passing motorists. I dared not look. I could just imagine the laughter!

I returned to the gas bar to fuel up the van as originally intended. We had another good laugh about my somewhat comical contribution to an otherwise routine and dull day in the life of a gas-bar attendant.

Life lesson number 23698746087465 is either,




As it stands, today's experience allowed me to lighten a couple people's lives with some laughter and enrich my own with some social interaction, however running out of fuel is something I'll try to avoid rather than repeat in the future.


Anonymous said...

well, that is interesting, i don't really know how that happens...unless you are so busy your mind is blown, take a break man!

ipodmomma said...

at least you have a very good sense of humour about this sort of thing...

well done!

Anvilcloud said...

Feeling fuelish?

Jamie Dawn said...

So sorry to have a hearty laugh at your expense - no, actually I'm NOT sorry! :)
I am a real stickler about the fuel gauge. My hubby and kids mock me because I don't let the car get below a quarter tank whenever I drive. THEY, on the other hand, will drive on fumes and white knuckle it all the way to the gas station, or bar as you call it.
You are lucky you were not far from the gas station. It could have been a LOT worse for you.
Thanks for bringing a smile the faces of many.

Granny said...

I don't carry gas with me because most of my driving is local. I do try to put gas in when it hits the 1/4 mark.

But not always and I've been known to push it. Bad idea.

Miss 1999 said...

Bless your heart! I'm glad at least you weren't too far away from the gas station!

Turtle Guy said...

Badoozie - Not sure where my head was at, really.

IPM - Sometimes all you can do is laugh.

A/C - You are sooo clever!

J/D - Spreading the cheer, I see!

Granny - One must push the envelope now and again.

1999 - Hee hee... blushing here!

Rositta said...

Sigh, at least you still have gas. Right about now I wish I had a stash, we have a gas shortage here in T-Dot...not funny actually, I'm kind of housebound now...ciao

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