Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The wait on weights

So I got myself all excited about "pumping iron".


It hasn't happened.

Until today.

When my chiropractor suggested (rather strongly) that I start a weight training programme,it sounded pretty simple. He suggested I start with a couple 5-pound dumb-bells (gonna have to look that one up - I'm curious of its origin!) and some shrug and bent-row exercises to increase the strength in my shoulder muscles. I figured any fitness supply store would have what I'm after. Handily situated next to the chiropractic office was, in fact, a fitness-type store. Goodie. Would you believe they did NOT have something as simple as as 5-pound weight? I figured the thing to do was to simply order them. To my surprise, the weights are sold by... weight! 48 cents per pound, to be exact. Two 5-pounders cost me, after tax, just over five bucks. Pretty good deal, I thought. Until today. It's all well and fine to get a great deal, but when you pay and do not receive... well... you get the picture. Three times over the last 10 or 12 days I've been told,

"They should be in tomorrow!"

On consulting Dr. M., I was soon to discover that he quite purposly DOES NOT refer people there.

"They're really quite unprofessional... perhaps for what you require you might try Walmart."

Wait a minute.


I've invested $1600.00 (plus massage) into this programme to fix me, and I'm being referred to WALMART??

OK then.


And wouldn't you know it, there were my weights. Pound-for-pound, even the same STYLE; in stock and ready to lift! (Although I did in fact PAY for them ;o) But would you believe, at TWICE the cost? I figured that the loss of the five dollars was "outweighed" by my ability to actually BEGIN the programme! So, I sacrificed the equivalent of a latte. Big deal. I will, as I have it figured, get my five dollars in some form of credit - even if I have to "return" or "sell" the weights from the fitness place.

I played around with some exercises tonight, and in the morning will begin on the "regularly scheduled" routine of shrugs and rows... or is that rowes?



ipodmomma said...

Peter always feels so much better when he's been able to work out.

hope it helps!

Anvilcloud said...

I suppose I should go to the basement now?!

Expat Traveler said...

I started a fitness class about 4 wks ago and love it. I'm doing mostly all my own body weight with high reps and cardio every 2 mins. We also have aerobics and abs fit into the hr.

But what's cool for me is that since I pay to swim, I basically don't pay for this. It's all fit into my membership..

So now I'm actually doing a ton of stuff. It's going like this (and thus my excuse for not blogging as much as well as job searching and still working)...

M swim and weights (2 workouts)
T morning swim
W swim and weights
TH swim
Fri Swim
Sat weights..
Sun off..

Not all that bad. :)

Anonymous said...


smiley said...

Hi Turtle Guy,

Lot seems to have happened while I was away from the blog-o-sphere.

Here's wishing you a belated Happy birthday!

Hope your work out sessions are good.

cathouse teri said...

Yeah, I was gonna say, I'm pretty sure Walmart has what you're looking for! :)

Sorry for the slackness at my blog. I do appreciate my handful of faithful readers, though!

Patience, grasshopper, and all will be revealed! :)

Sarah Elaine Eaton said...

I would have said WalMart, too. That's where mine are from!

Or if you're really into fancy expensive stuff, there's a store in the mall that you could walk to. They'd have them for sure. :-)

Anonymous said...

The $1600 for the Chiropractor is for his fees, not for commission sales to other stores. Keeping it simple usually is the way to go. Glad you found them at WalMart.

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