Saturday, February 10, 2007

Water for a week

I eat a pretty basic diet, never been one for "fads" or gimmicky routines. Over the last couple days I've given some thought to experimenting.

With all this effort I've put in to health and wellness, (gawd, I feel sore!) I thought it might be interesting to see how I feel after eliminating all the "crappy" stuff I tend to drink.

The plan is to "test the waters", so to speak. I'm going to drink nothing but bottled water and try eliminating things like coffee, tea, sugary juices, pop and so forth.

I've heard different opinions of how much water to drink in a day. Some say as little as a half-litre, others two and still others say upwards of four to be "healthy". I think I'll start with around two - try the "average" - and see if it affects how I feel. One thing I do know is that caffiene and sugar tend to make me adjetated and restless. No surprises there, I know.

So, for a period of one week, starting Midnight Sunday, I'm going to consume only water as the beverage of choice.

The temptation remains to follow this week up with a week of only dark rum, scotch or tequila... but I doubt that will come to fruition!


Granny said...

I bet you'll feel the difference.

Good luck on the follow through.

Anvilcloud said...

Good luck. Actually, I have read that some coffee is actually good for you.

ipodmomma said...

I gave up soda ten years ago, and while I do drink a lot of tea, every day (almost) is started with two BIG glasses of water. or if it's really cold, one glass of water and a pot of chamomile or jasmine tea. no black tea until those two glasses of water have been consumed.

good luck! I await your results at the end of the week...

Misty said...

In Sept 2006, I cut out most of the pop, Ice Capps and other surgary drinks, replacing same with water.

The difference to my health has been wonderful. I've lost about 25 pounds since then, simply because of the change to this part of my nutritional intake.

My average intake is about 3 bottles a day - 6 cups. I find I can't drink more than 5 bottles or the contents of my stomach seem to be swimming. Spaced out over the day, it is really easy to work in the water - 1 in AM, 1 in PM, 1 @ Dinner and 1 After Dinner.

I wouldn't suggest the alcohol only drink option, but I think you threw that in to see if we're all paying attention, hehe.

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