Sunday, October 08, 2006

Turtle Nerd.

I have a confession to make.

I've turned into a nerd.

"A nerd?”, you say...

Yes. Quite.

You see, over the past number of weeks I've taken much delight in school... in English. Delight to the point that... well... I'm afraid to say it... well... OK.

I had work in Olds - a town about an hour north of Calgary - on Saturday night. As I went through the motions of what appeared to be quite a routine event, a wedding reception at the Olds College, I began to feel an itch.

It was an itch to crack the books.

So, once set up, I parked myself in Tim Hortons. I sat myself down with a long john, a blueberry apple fritter and a cup of coffee, double cream.

Here it comes... the nerd part:

I began to read - not in the fashion of the reference text it was, (looking up only that which was important) but rather, beginning at the first page as one would read a novel - the Broadview Handbook to Writing.

Yes, folks. I'm reading reference texts... for fun.

I say again...

I'm reading reference texts for fun.

I didn't make it "cover-to-cover" in the hour and a half I had at my disposal, probably because I was savouring each and every tasty morsal of "this is our idea of good and proper sentence structure".

I won't go into the disappointment I felt when I got home to discover my Speech text from the Radio course (1993) was not where I expected it to be!


Yes, I crave a re-visit to the days of thinking about WHAT one is going to say and HOW one is going to say it - BEFORE one opens one's mouth.

Turtle Nerd out.


Badoozie said...

are you sure? that you just now turned into a nerd? lol!!!

i'd have been savoring the text all right...only because i would have fallen asleep and been drooling on the pages.

now, where is that essay that is due on the 10th?

Sarah Elaine said...

Welcome to my world.

pupski said...

lol it's ok to be a nerd!

Anvilcloud said...

Your enthusiasm is wonderful.

pissed off patricia said...

Jump right in and enjoy the ride. Have fun, learn stuff and enjoy every minute of it.

Expat Traveler said...

LOL - well at least you aren't THAT addicted to other things, like blogging, watching tv or photography...

I've noticed myself that I'm forcing it upon myself lately to be on here. It's burn out for sure, but part of it is because I'm waiting too damn long for my stupid PR to finish up.

Janice said...

Hi Dave,

That's okay, I personally like nerds, I loved hanging out with them at school. They are nice people, and less judgemental than the regular sort, and seemed to like my company too for some strange reason.

And I too am spiring to be a nerd!


Jamie Dawn said...

Do you have a fever? That may explain this crazy behavior. Only totally ultra-geeky nerdiest of nerds would spend an hour and a half reading a reference text and enjoying it. I'm feeling faint at just the thought of it. :)

Miss 1999 said...

You're not a nerd! There's nothing nerdy about English- math maybe, but *LOL* Sorry, had to make a joke. It's good to enjoy reading, hey, at least you're getting educated :0)

smiley said...

Join the club, we have this one subject Management Practice and I read the reference book like a novel too :0) I've just put a post on the subject too.

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