Friday, October 06, 2006

"Happy Anniversary, what would you like?" .... "I think I'll take a new washing machine, please."

I'm attempting a short post here, so please excuse the point form.

-Last week my washing machine died.

-What repair guy in his right mind EVER says "You're best to buy a new washer, dude."?

-Turns out October 2006 is my 13th. anniversary here in this particular Turtle Shell.

-Is that why the washer crapped out? Maybe.

-I decided to buy new - this being my... FIFTH washer in the same 13 years.

-Time to go shopping... washing machines are $600 to $2500 CDN Ouch.

-Top load, start, stop... I'm good. $600.00. (I need not fly to the moon with a full-sized window to watch the planets go by!)

-New washers are light. This, too, pleased me. I guess having met with success lightening Hide-A-Bed sofas, why not try it with washing machines too?

After getting it downstairs, the rest was a piece of cake...

...doesn't match, but who cares?

I read the instruction on the peel-away plastic, but felt so warm and fuzzy over a NEW washing machine, I've left it in place, just for now.

...and just for the record, this is the inaugural load.

I love that word, inaugural

[in-aw-gyer-uhl, -ger-uhl]


1. of or pertaining to an inauguration: Harding's inaugural address.
2. marking the beginning of a new venture, series, etc.: the inaugural run of the pony express.


3. an address, as of a president, at the beginning of a term of office.
4. an inaugural ceremony: to attend the presidential inaugural.


sare said...

Oooo, lookie here - the first penny for your thoughts too :)

Here's to clean undies!

Janice said...

Hi Dave,

We broke down and got new appliance last year, and I'm still in love with them.

Some new that works a whole year later priceless!


Badoozie said...

i think since there is water involved, you should have said "maiden voyage"

by the way, i have that same washer, and i also left that blue stuff on for quite a while....i'm weird that way. i don't like my things scratched up or icked up. even a washer.

Sarah Elaine said...

That's a lot of washing machines to go through! In any event, enjoy the clean clothes! ;-)

Granny said...

I'm on my 3rd washer in 14 years but this one seems to be doing great.

I do a lot of laundry.

Lavender Dawn said...

a kenmore! mine is quite similar to yours, but the plastic came off.i miss my front loader, but the springs would break.

nolikeysushi said...

Clean laundry good. Having to shell out the money for a new machine, ouch. Hey wait, that was kinda funny. Shell out the money, turtle guy. ha. Well, it made me laugh. Hope it's working well for ya!

Anonymous said...

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