Monday, October 30, 2006

Hump Day

I've hit "hump day" in the cycle of things. I noticed it most at school, but over this last weekend I've seen it at work and at home too.

Last week I found myself, for the first time, behind in my assigned reading. The excitement and the high I've felt for school just aren't there.

Work has been status quo on the surface. It takes stepping back to consciously observe the progress. On the up side, I sold off a substantial amount of old, beat up, "it-doesn't-owe-me-a-dime" equipment. The space in the shop is a luxury!

Last night I walked in to a house that needed some TLC. For some reason I just felt really adjetated over the presence of some clutter and a few dishes set to the side of the sink.

It may also have something to do with the fact I had to make an appointment to have some warranty work done on my new washing machine. At the same time I think the dryer needs a heating element. To top that, the furnace is making strange noises and seems to come on at odd intervals - sometimes only minutes between cycles.

On Friday I took DJ to the vet. He's been on numerous batches of anti-biotics to fight a nasal infection. Nothing's working. The vet prescribed a children's antibiotic he says he's had fabulous results with. It's basically Azythromycin. I've been on it. It seems to work well on Turtles, we'll see what success we can achieve with Cats. Sadly, "trying a new drug" is pretty normal in DJ's world these days.

Finally, my body hurts. I had a massage that just about sent me through the roof in pain. I'm locked up in several places from head to toe, and I attribute it to the pace of my life these days. I seem to be paying a lot of attention to "achieving", but keeping my body in order seems to have slipped under the radar... or under the front porch mat. Yes, that must be it. You're welcome to come for a visit, just be mindful of the lump that is me as you step over the sill.


Anvilcloud said...

Cycles are natural. You'll get through this downturn.

ipodmomma said...

hey, thinking of you! this too shall pass....

did you know that Madonna rhymed New York with dork on her latest LP? (well, considering you're a DJ, you probably do) that's good for a chuckle....

prayer sent your and DJ's way... :)))

Misty said...

Hump Day is just that. It's an uphill climb to get over the hump, but once you do, its worth it.

The "Hump Day" - Wednesday, is usually the day in the week where I have the most energy, to tackle more files and/or the mundane tasks at home that I've put off. My weekly "nesting" day.

Your already half-way over the hump because you've acknowledged what is amiss and have set out to correct it. The peak is not far off - slow and steady and all...

Janice said...

Hi Dave,

You poor thing.

I had it rough last week too, I think it was because I had spent three weeks on a story that seems to some how turned into a book. I've been sitting hunch over the key board for all that time and it seemed that it had took over my life. Then add to that a lack of exercise and I looked around my house and remembered I actually needed to clean it, and do laundry. Then ouch there went my back!

My husband, God bless him has wonderful hands and massagd me and I took tylenol, then brow beat my daughter into helping me for once instead of taking it on all on my lonesome like I usually do.

I'm better now.

Take it easy rest, and get an occation exercise when your better, so your body doen't seize up on you when you ask it to do something. And for now take something for the pain.

Good luck.


smiley said...

Hope you and DJ are feeling better by now and that you've caught up with your reading. I'm behind on my reading too, there's just too much!!! So there's two of us!

Badoozie said...

my furnace did that until we installed an electronic timed thermostat

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