Thursday, December 15, 2005

...speaking of Dr. Seuss

Seems the Doctor is a popular fellow!! My first Seuss book was "The Cat in the Hat... Came Back!" and it was quite a number of years before I even read "The Cat in the Hat". "Put Me in the Zoo" was my other favourite. Wednesday night (I guess that was last night by now...) I was at Edison Private School in Okotoks ( I do the sound and lighting for it every year. The kids do their own PRODUCTION, but I do all the grunt work, if you will. My earlier post on Trust was the story of securing some rental equipment for this production.

Turns out Aaron, who runs UVS - Unlimited Video Staging is "Mr. Hopeful" from Trust. As soon as I walked in the shop I recognized him. I had provided "Mr. Helpful" ( an amplifier for the Uptown Stage and Screen's Film Festival ( at which we sat in for a beer with Aaron. Small world. Long story short, Aaron was MOST helpful and even had some extra gear available which meant I had one less stop to make. What does this possibly have to do with the Doctor? Read on!

The play production was in two parts - Elementary, and Jr. & Sr. High. The Elementary side did "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"... (see the connection?) and for super-amateur, these kids did a fabulous job!

Here's a question... and it's a lot tougher than you might think! What was the name of the very first Dr. Seuss book?


ipodmomma said...

oh, I used to know this! we used to have a book with 6 stories in it, including the first one. but after many years of too much love, it finally was retired.

a very silly little story... with the Lorax, he spoke for the trees for they had no tongues... when my kids were small Spencer once said he spoke for the candy, for it had no tongue...

Mulbery street? was that is? what I saw on Mulbery street?

Elliot said...
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Sarah Elaine said...

TG - Sounds like you had a successful evening. Well done.

As for Dr. Seuss - I'm impressed by IPM and Elliot. I had no idea! Well done.

Turtle Guy said...

IPM - It's all frightfully obvious, I suppose! Here I thought I was going to get guess upon guess...

EM - Seems the world's largest resource - the internet - has deemed it very difficult to ask challenging questions any more. My Mom called me once with a question out of her daily crossword, thought I might know the answer... I didn't. I was sitting in front of the computer, so I plugged it in. Out came the answer in seconds.

SE - Successful, yes... and a revealing day in terms of supportive surprises. There's a blog just WAITING to happen... what's that now... three or four I'm about to pound out! ...look what you started!

Granny said...

We had Mulberry Street for the kids too. They finally outgrew it but the pages were intact if somewhat peanut butter covered so we passed it on to the next kid down.

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