Thursday, December 15, 2005

my thursday

Well, here it is... somewhere between 8:30 and 9:00 PM Thursday. The day has just vanished, and I know I promised two posts ago to write on giving and receiving, however this is my blog and I can deviate whenever I choose. So I will. Besides, I'm doing some really mindless but necessary stuff in my office at the moment - very much related to Elliot's topic of audio today - and so I thought I'd share with you how my day went... full and rich as it was!


Worked through some financial stuff which, now that it's dealt with, has brought a wee bit of comfort to my soul.

Returned rental lighting to Aaron, had a wonderful visit and got a copy of his most impressive business card! It's literally a piece tin. Black on brushed aluminum... very cool.

The "excitement" in my day is that this weekend is the busiest of the Christmas season for us. With two parties on Friday and 6 on Saturday it was looking to be rather exciting - not to mention profitable! Yesterday I phoned a Friday client to confirm details. He phoned back today to say he was really looking forward to SATURDAY'S party! Well. What do I say to THAT? "Your kidding. Your contract states you've booked for FRIDAY. (hoping, of course he simply wasn't thinking straight and said Saturday when in fact he MEANT Friday... no such luck.) As it is, under normal circumstances, we can comfortably take 5 parties on any given night. In the real world and in actual fact, these days we can really only EFFICIENTLY take 4. So... already booked at 6, and need another body. What to do?! Sparing you the frazzled part of my day, it's under control staff wise. NOW I have to make sure we have enough of the OTHER resources to make this work! Hence, I'm in the office late tonight coordinating music, equipment and all the bits and pieces tha will hopefully bring all of this together. *sigh*

Sunday can come only too soon. But hopefully not so soon that I'm not prepared for Saturday! Ah, the joys of self-employment... or middle-management, really. UPPER managers would simply deligate the crap to someone beneath them... seeing as I'm the ONLY manager here, I often feel rather... "middle" in the corporate view of things.

I have had a great deal of good fortune this week and I anticipate the weekend will bring with it its own good fortune. I've noticed as of late that I have been on the receiving end of a wonderful amount of good stuff. Time to think about what I might do to... give back. Considering a bit from one of S's previous posts... perhaps I could find someone who feels they're alone - and convince them that they're not.


Sarah Elaine said...

They say... Be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it.

And you did ask the Universe/God/The Powers That Be for more work, didn't you?? ;-)

Hang in there... Sunday's coming...

Andrea said...

You are not along - you have us.
Not sure where you found time to post, you sound very busy.

Andrea said...

not along
I MEANT alone

ipodmomma said...

did you have a nice weekend?

Turtle Guy said...

SE - I did in fact ask for the work, and you're quite accurate in your observation. For the record, I am extremely thankful not only for the work, but the experience this weekend has brought me. Lots of wonderful people to support my endeavours - both personal and business.

A - Very busy indeed. Lots of it was mindless computer work, so posting was a good and quick release if only temporary. Don't sweat the typos... likely someone moved the keys around on you... happens...

IPM - "nice" covers a lot of ground, now doesn't it! There's a post pending with reference to my weekend experiences... stay tuned!

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