Sunday, December 11, 2005

"I wonder if it's the time of year that makes us see one another as human beings?" SEE, Dec 2005

A comment left at started my wheels turning.

I had posted similar comments to Elliot's at . I had observed that people in public places like the mall were in general very self involved. It seems to me that so many people live inside their own space and as Elliot has pointed out, "Most people, as they walk, seem to just see their feet, of which they have both, or they see directly in front of them. That's all."

As SEE has pondered, do we simply notice people as human beings at this time? And if we do in fact "see" them at all, what's with all the "barreling bodies, moving fast, with heads down, or with eyes straight ahead."?

I was listening to some music tonight and came across this Christmas tune - thought I'd share the lyrics with you here:

Where, oh where are all the things
that i thought christmas time was going to bring
last year i thought maybe this year i'd see
love and peace under my christmas tree
where or where did that dream go?
i guess it got lost in the deep, deep snow

I thought maybe people would change
but here we are - just the same

this is the time of the year when you hear people shout about peace and good will
shoutin bout peace and good will
well, it's alright to shout it, but what are we doing about peace and good will
we can shout it out:
we sing jingle bells, sing silent night,
get cheery-eyed over christmas tree lights

as our eyes fill up with joy
at the sight of kids opening some new toy
a brand new toy

guess that's christmas to some
but that's not christmas to me

where or where are all the things
that i thought christmas time was going to bring
i don't know, guess i thought i'd see
something else under my christmas tree

maybe if we could think about that first christmas night
when angels sang over all the earth
promising peace through the saviour's birth
if only people could see
maybe that's what we need under our tree.

Just some points to ponder... wishing your soul peace.


CaliGirl said...

peace. i always wanted to believe that for that ONE day there was day. even just one day of peace is better then none. peace would be great but sad to say everyone doesnt think the same way...they are like the brothers and sisters who never will see eye to eye.

i loved the lyrics to the song...will have to look it up to see who does it.

hugs to you and have a nice start of the work week.

ipodmomma said...

I totally believe that we all, no matter how well meaning or living for others we are the rest of the year, do open our eyes just a bit wider this time of year...

lots of appeals for sterling run by the papers, for various charities...

how much harder it is to pass by the guy on the street, when you are carrying way too much in your hands for your family... but I need to give the guy who sells 'the big issue' a pound, and let him keep the magazine. (sold by the homeless to raise money for the homeless...)

and then there is the tsunami and the earthquake in Bam, Iran, that both occured on the 26th of December, in '04 and '03... not to mention the earthquake in Pakistan...

lots of places with other human beings that otherwise I might not think to hard on... but it's Christmastime... and that all stems from love...

too many words... gotta go have lunch!

will post about thirtysomething soon... yeah, I used too many words on Elliot's blog too! :)))

Sarah Elaine said...

Turtle... good post... I will post a blog in response...

Turtle Guy said...

CG - I was talking to the coffee shop girl yesterday about how good we have it here. Every day here IS peaceful - funny, a lady stepped up who overheard us to say that she just got back from the middle-east and YES, we DO have it good!

That tune is called "Where's Christmas" found on a 1973 release called Sunshine and Snowflakes. I found it at EBAY if you're interested at
I think it's only $4!


IPM - Isn't it true - we often come home with more than we can carry! Makes one stop to think about what's really necessary.

SE - Read your post - and again, you've inspired... another post! ...sometime today in all the rush!

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