Sunday, November 13, 2011

Feast or famine I've got this cat.

He's my buddy, affectionate, quite vocal and very much a resident.

When Sir W. first moved in back in 2008, I was in the habit of feeding him high-end organic cat food. Several benefits of this included the peace of mind that I was feeding him good, quality food AND (my favourite) much, much less waste in the litter box at the end of the day.

Over time, he's become quite fussy - to the point that he won't as much as touch the organic food. I tried mixing it with grocery-store brands, but eventually he even turned his nose up at those too. It seems he'll eat a food for a few months, then turn snooty. I thought perhaps it was a difference in the batches, but really he's just plain fussy.

I recently tried a semi-organic food that the girl at the pet store said he should gobble right up. (Her cats apparently devoured it) but it was a no-go.

When we visited the vet for annual shots and exam last week, I brought up the subject. We concluded that he's simply fussy and that I should let the food stand; left hungry long enough, he should eat. Failing that, I should add water and make a gravy in the food.

Nope. In fact, given the choice, he would sniff the gravy mixture and go back to the dry... but only for a nibble.

I'm not sure what, if anything, is up... but he meows around the house like it's some kind of hardship. It's wearing thin.

Do I have a fussy cat, or could there be something I'm missing?


Anvilcloud said...

Gotta love cats and their quirky and unique personalities. Make no mistake: your job is to please him and cater to him.

Consciously Sedated said...

My dog is a very fussy eater. Looks like you'll have to start cooking for your cat.

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