Monday, October 17, 2011

Angry Birds and the iPhone 4S

It's been out for some time now, time enough for everyone but me to catch on. Angry Birds is something of a Millennium craze I liken to Pac Man in the 80s.

You can download it free as an app on the iTunes Store, and up until recently I thought it was mildly amusing to amazingly lame. That is, until the other night when my youngest niece got hold of my phone and started playing.... and scoring big!

It was then that I discovered she was tapping the birds after they'd been launched, but while they were in mid-air. Some birds explode, some accelerate, while still others will drop like a stone as soon as you tap the screen.

Tonight was Monday Night Scotch with M. & D. and as we were leaving, D. and I were playing Birds in the elevator on the way to the lobby.

"I'm a Gamer", says D. who's just celebrated 42 years marriage to his wife of... 42 years! Yay! He hadn't played, and had hardly heard of the game. I think I hooked him.

So, for the guy (me) who rarely plays video games, I seem to have not only found one I kinda like, I'm also spreading the word to others.

Perhaps I could create my own app. I think I'll call it "Angry Apples" where you can lob a Magic Mouse at a PC tower and watch an army of Celeron Processor Protesters battle it out with the invincible force of Siri 4S Duo Cores.

I'm such a geek.


Anvilcloud said...

I played a lot of games on my first computer and some on my second but not many since.

sari said...

Hey, long time no talk! :-)

I love Angry Birds! My oldest son got an iPod touch for his birthday and has this game. I think I play it a lot more than he does (when I can get my hands on his iPod, ha ha).

Have a great day!

Turtle Guy said...

It's become particularly addicting... I'm leaning toward asking for an Angry Birds plush for Christmas! :D

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