Monday, January 12, 2009

A January Check-in

I haven't had a whole lot of enthusiasm to blog recently. Not that life isn't full and rich - in fact, it's been quite the opposite. It seems every time I think about checking in, I'm either really tired or really busy. There hasn't been a lot of in-between. Typically I've been a pretty open book as far as sharing stories with people in person and here on the blog. I find myself wanting to share less of the really personal stuff and I'm wondering if that's a function of growing older, or maybe I'm digressing in a way and it has nothing to do with age.

Years ago I was hyper-attached to my business. People could tell how well my business was doing by the mood I was in - literally. These days I talk a lot less about the business side of the business and much more about life in general mostly because now... I have one outside of my work.

January has kinda flown by. I have some photos to share and may post them in the next day or so, but the highlight of the last couple weeks are:

*Starting the New Year with something of a cross-over contract: the pottery studio where I take classes took possession of a new location as of January 1, so... on January 1 we moved. Now, not only does my company have sound system experience which, in and of itself entails moving stuff, it now has experience as a moving company of sorts.

*My Mom has asked for years that we not get her any 'stuff' for Christmas; she has enough things. So last Saturday we went for a family brunch. It was a chance for immediate family and cousins and such to gather for bread-breaking and gabbing... we do that very well.

*I registered in a class at the U. to begin on Wednesday this week. English 385, a topic course in Aboriginal Film and Literature. I also sent an email to my first (and favourite) prof., Margaret, to see if she would act as advisor on my quest for courses to eventually fulfill the requirements for an undergrad degree in English.

*I walked in to the bank not that long ago, and everyone on staff - with the exception of the few working in the back offices - said "Hi, David!" I've never experienced that in my 20-odd years of banking. I know and/or have chatted with almost everyone at my branch, including the manager. I won't go as far as to say it's my second home, but I sure feel 'at home' there. So, in appreciation of the above-and-beyond service I get on a regular basis, I decided to take a round of Starbucks for the staff. It made me feel good.

*On referral from my GP, I've been going to the Sleep Centre at the Foothills Hospital. After an overnight home-monitoring, the doctor wanted to put me on a really aggressive ant-acid prescription. I'm a prescription pessimist, to be honest. I've completely bought into the fact that the body heals on its own far better with natural elements, not man-made drugs with nasty side-effects. So, I've opted not to fill the prescription. Instead, I'm changing my diet and have looked into natural substitutes. This after the attending doctor told me flat out that there are no natural substitutions. Funny... I found a couple and I'm not even a doctor. But I've talked to people who genuinely care about good health and to the best of my knowledge these people would not steer me wrong. Sorry if this sounds 'rantish' in nature, but I really think it's foolish to take drugs that have side effects. Don't the side effects themselves say "Hey, this doesn't belong in my body!"? Now if only I could heed my own advice and kick the coffee thing... *sigh*

*Yoga's been hit-and-miss in January simply because of the holiday followed by a crazy turtle schedule, but I'm primed to go this morning and very much looking forward to it!

That's it for the update.

Photos soon.

Turtle out.


Anvilcloud said...

Yes, but coffee is supposed to be good for you -- in moderation.

Anna said...

hard to give up that caffeine!

sounds like a fairly good start to the year...

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