Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back in class

English 385, a topic course in Canadian Aboriginal Literature. It's going to be something of an unconventional course, too. The grading map is very simple - class participation and portfolio grades, all flexible in weighting, up to us as students to designate the weight for each component, and we will be signing a 'contract' to the effect.

There will be no final exam, but there will be what's called an "exit interview", one-on-one in the prof's office. No essays, but some critical analysis by way of - get this - web logs. That's right, we're blogging.

Cool, eh?

Not only are we studying literature, but film, music and other electronic media. I'm pretty pumped, actually. There will be no formal lectures, and in some weekly circumstances, no class in order to allow us time for group projects.

I've made an appointment with my prof on Tuesday for a simple meet-and-greet. I've found it effective to sit down face-to-face and kinda get to know who it is I'll be writing for and presenting to.

Oh, and morning coffee is set for Monday with Margaret, my first and dare I say to date, my favourite prof.

I wish I knew some catchy Latin phrase to close this post, alas all I know is "Carpe Diem".

Carpe Turtle. (Seize the Turtle?)


Anyone know Latin?

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Janice said...

No sorry I don't know latin.

I didn't know there was collage classes that had blogging as an assignment?



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