Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back on the wagon

Yup, again checkin' to see if coffee is partly to blame for my tummy troubles and sleeping interruptions.

Today is rough.

I really want a coffee!

I seriously feel out of sorts today, and a coffee would be the fix, I know it.

I did one of those parasite cleanses back in July/August. I feel much the same as I did for the first spell of that. Guess my body's kickin' it out, and the chemistry within is changing... again.


I love coffee.

...maybe staring at the logo for a while will help.

...nope... again?

...definitely not helping.

...did I mention I love coffee?

Class starts tonight. I'm going to feel like a fish out of water without a java in hand at a night course.

Bean there, Dunn that... ah well, wish me luck.


smiley said...

well did you manage to get through the class without the coffee? I myself prefer tea!

As for the photos, the ones on the blog are available at

and there's even more snow photos in

Anvilcloud said...

While it may not solve your tummy problems, decaf is an alternative. Also, I don't think it would affect your sleep to have coffee early in the day. I know a few people who do the latter; as long as they drink coffee before a certain hour (let's say ten to pick a number), they seem to be fine. Good luck, Dave.

traveler one said...

Ahh... you're such a tease! Grrrr from a Canuck who is far, ar away from a Timmy's. Grrrr.

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