Saturday, August 11, 2007

"This is David: he was my boyfriend when I was six!"

About a year and a half ago my Mom and I attended a memorial service for the sister of a childhood friend of mine. A. had passed away suddenly, in her early 40s. Mom and I listened while my childhood friend, K. spoke fondly of her older sibling's accomplishments.

At the reception to follow, I (re)introduced myself.

K.'s jaw dropped -- we hadn't seen each other since we were ten. I had moved away from the district, and quite frankly, didn't bother to keep in touch. But then, who did at that age, with no instant messenger, email or cell phone, in the days when you simply didn't monopolize the only land line for a family of four?

In awe, K. immediately began introducing me to everyone around her,

"This is David: he was my boyfriend when I was six!"

We all had a little laugh with some lightheartedness in the midst of some pretty heavy family grief. We'd gone from being best friends to leading completely separate lives for over 25 years.

I left my name and number in the guest book, but heard nothing - until last week.

Out of the clear blue sky, I received an email. You could have blown me over with a feather.
K. and I met for a morning coffee today (me after two and a half hours of sleep between events, and K. looking much like I felt.)

An hour over espresso-and-coffee bevies hardly does a 27-year-fill-me-in justice, however I'm pleased having caught up with an old (almost new, in a way) friend.


Anvilcloud said...

As long as there is some past connection, it seems that old relationships can become new again.

Expat Traveler said...

how cool! now that looks like fun and I must say you guys look too cute together....

by the way, how were we supposed to know you've got family there. P and I want to visit Bowen again for sure!

Janice said...

Hi Dave,

That is a attractive lady you have there, please don't make her wait another 27 years before you contact her again.


Sarah Elaine said...

You're part of a growing trend that was written about in the Globe and Mail - adult Canadians re-connecting with childhood friends.

Makes me think about Greg, my kindergarten sweetheart. We moved after grade 1 and we never stayed in touch. Unlikely we'd ever re-connect, though. I never did know his last name. Ah, sweet childhood memories!

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