Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Auction Results

OK, the first Armchair Auction is complete, bids are in, and the results stand before us. The following items go to the following bloggers:

ITEM ONE: Anvilcloud

ITEM TWO: Cathouse Teri

ITEM THREE: Ipodmama



What I need now is shipping instructions. You may email me here.

Please wait until you've received your piece before sending your trade. I want to be sure the mail system comes through, and that you don't receive a damaged piece, or nothing at all.

There will be another Armchair Auction as soon as pieces become available. Thanks for taking part in this, my first auction - it was fun!


oshee said...

I think this was a fun idea and something I would really enjoy trying myself. I'll just have to get better at figuring out what I create that is worth such a trade. Kids just are too noisy to ship.

ipm said...


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