Wednesday, August 08, 2007

On the run, a quick post of thankfulness

I'm sitting here at my computer, paying my bills. As I go through the stack, marking them "PAID", I realize just how fortunate I am that I CAN pay my bills.

Life is good.

Over the last number of months I've discovered that simply being grateful, giving back when I can, and respecting the gifts I've been given (which means using them to their greatest potential) yields, in and of itself, more abundance.

Last Friday I ran out to the Tim Horton Children's Ranch in Kananaskis to quote on a sound system installation for the main lodge. As I was climbing Scot Lake Hill, the words of the song blasting on the stereo said to me

"Y'know, David... you can go anywhere and do anything, and you will enjoy the journey and receive along the way - it's all a matter of perspective."

There's some wonderful metaphor here, and I likely have a greater appreciation for it, thanks to English 354.

i'm sitting at the wheel
i got a green light
not afraid of nothin' cuz heart and soul
i'm built for life

so let the engine roar
push the pedal down
i want the white lines on the highway
to lead me out of town

i'm rolling on and on and on
who knows where i'm goin'?
life is an open road - it's the best story never told
it's an endless sky – it's the deepest sea
life is an open road to me

i got headlights
to guide me through the night
i got the window down and the radio playing
it makes me feel alive

Tomorrow evening our family is getting together for dinner in celebration of my Uncle Ray's life - a "no tie" affair, time for family.

BTW - I know I promised a pottery post, and it's coming - complete with photos, so be prepared to start your bidding!


ipodmomma said...

enjoy these days... each is its own little lifetime...

cat59 said...

I'll be watching for your next pottery post!

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