Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Update on the Lakeview Fire fundraiser and a visit with a fellow blogger

Last Saturday, the North Glenmore Park Community held a fundraiser for the victims of the condo fire in Lakeview. The cause was spontanious combustion of some peat moss, of all things. Several were left homeless, and without sufficient coverage for their loss. NGP's efforts on Saturday raised over $5000.00. So far, they're up to $35,000.00 - their goal, $100,000.00.

Last Thursday I was up to my elbows in wet clay when my cell phone rang. It was Dana from NGP. He asked if we could come out on short notice to volunteer sound for the event. It made Saturday a LONG day for this Turtle - DJing until 2AM Saturday morning, on site for a 7:30 AM set up.

It was all worth it - here are some photos:

The Calgary Fire Department brought their #1 rig... well, their OLDEST rig!

What's the whole thing with cops and doughnuts, anyway? Firefighters, it appears, love their pancakes!

This fellow is local to the community and had played at the Stampede breakfast in late June. His name is Cort Delano. He's REALLY good, and is pushing to get himself on stage at the 2008 Calgary Folk Festival.

Me with Cort - a super, super friendly guy!

A little clowing around with Bumper the Clown.

The School of Irish Dance came out to perform...

...and the best part???

The Tim Horton Community Cruiser showed up!!


On Monday, I discovered that the Barley Mill in Eau Claire gives free beer samples!

Here we see a sample of Smithwicks Irish Ale, Salt and Pepper for size comparison (my artistic contribution), and a sample of Wild Rose Ale. The Wild Rose won out.

The occasion was a visit with fellow blogger and long-time classmate, Sharon. I sat behind Sharon in grade three, and no, I didn't ever dip her pony tail in an ink well! She was in town from Vancouver, or as she affectionately calls it, the "Left Coast" (if only for her political views, I'm sure!) It was great to catch up, and yes, Sharon, I was slouching just a tad... gawd did my shoulder hurt! I'm feeling much better today though - I saw the massage therapist yesterday. Having said that, Wild Rose makes for a pretty good organic pain killer.


ipodmomma said...

happy days!

hope the shoulder is better...

like that left coast comment... :)))

Anvilcloud said...

I had ink wells, but I'd be surprised if you did. :)

Anonymous said...

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