Friday, July 20, 2007

It's been 18 days...

...since my last post.

My gosh, has it been that long??

I remember posting ages ago about how, when the most interesting things are happening in life there's no time to write about them, and the last *almost* three weeks have been no exception.

Stampede Week around here was nuts work wise, but it always is. Let's see if I can find a photo... hang tough...

Here's one from a live-music pancake breakfast event I did sound for. It's probably the most artistic shot I'll ever have in my portfolio, and I can't even take credit (entirely) for the shot.

This fellow is a resident in a community we did a breakfast for. The same community called me yesterday evening as I was up to my elbows in clay at the pottery studio. They are putting on another breakfast tomorrow morning to raise funds for the victims of a recent fire at a local condo complex. Many of the residents are seniors, and quite a number of them have been long-term and had not kept up their insurance coverage to meet the costs of today's labour market. We'll be out tomorrow morning drumming up dollars to help these folks out. I'll post about it later, I promise!

The corporate world is always a-buzz at Stampede time. Downtown at Esso Plaza we did this breakfast (being downtown by 5:00AM is tough on a guy who's used to walking in the door not long before that!)

You see that big sign? I used it to get this shot - even the staff photographer they'd hired didn't dare the liability, and as a result, I can say "woo hoo!!" I got the shot.

Pottery's been a blast... I blew off fourteen pieces on Monday - intending to pop in for a couple hours, stayed the day. I'll be snapping a few photos this week, and who knows, I may auction off a couple of the pieces on here... stay tuned!

Ashtanga yoga has proven to be... challenging. My instructor has taken a particular interest in my cause, and has invited me to come early to class for some one-on-one instruction. It seems she's impressed that someone with my... er... spinal mis-alignment is trying so diligently to correct the problem. Today she showed up with a tennis ball and a golf ball, and demonstrated how I should use these to stretch out the muscles in my feet in anticipation of increasing my ability to balance on one foot in "tree" or "eagle" pose. (It's an absolute disaster right now... 'nuff said!) She also brought in a couple foam forms for me to use when we're in seated positions to ensure my back remains straight from the hips up. All the time, she's been emphasizing "Do your practice at your own pace, and let your body tell you what you can and cannot do." This, along with what my Tuesday instructor said, "It's better to do 'a little', a lot rather than 'a lot", a little." have been encouraging words, and it's an absolute joy to work at something in an environment where there is no mandatory learning curve. This, I say, is good for my soul.

That's it for now... more later, and I promise to visit soon!

Maybe Sunday...

Namaste, bloggies!


Ba Doozie said...

the yoga instructor wants to do some moves with you

ipodmomma said...

good to hear from you!!

life sometimes gets busy... glad you were doing things you enjoy..

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