Monday, January 01, 2007

My 2007 resolution

I hate New Year's resolutions.

Or at least... the lack of conviction that comes with them.

As I look over the last year of my life, I realize the tremendous strides I've made by simply poking away, consistently, at one thing or another.

Last January I was among those who had big notions and took little action. This year, I realize just what can be accomplished with determination and focus. I think with determination and focus, I can achieve a resolution, so I don't feel bad broadcasting one to the world.

In my effort to be "self-aware", I've become more comfortable looking at the not-so-good stuff about me, and truly acknowledging the gifts I possess. In the spirit of this new-found comfort level, I resolve myself to not only acknowledge some of this "not-so-good" stuff, but more importantly, look it in the eye and change it.

Those of you who know me personally know that I have two rather nasty habits:

One is that I ramble. Tangents and digression are woven into much of what I do. In my essay writing this week it was brought to my attention that I've held on to a lot of this "randomness" in not only my thinking, but my writing and speech as well. I aim to change that.

Also, although I'm insanely diligent being on time for crucial meetings, school, work and business, I do tend to relax that rule more-so than I should when it comes to being on time for personal social engagements. My friends have just accepted the fact that Dave will be 5 to 20 minutes late for anything they plan. This too, will change.

They say that one of the ways you can become aware of yourself and your habits is to ask other people how they see you. For those of you who know me, be prepared... I may approach you with some very direct questions.

As for visiting the blogosphere, I will be around in a short while as life returns to normal. I haven't forgotten about you!

Happy 2007!


Janice said...

Oh no not a New Years resolution?

I resolute not to make them anymore!

Expat Traveler said...

yes I haven't been around. I don't resolve for anything, just hope and make to get things done!

Much better - I started the year off with a big fat swim this morning, in warm water! (With too many other people/fools who wanted to get in a workout also.)

;-) Happy 2007! Geeze that sounds odd!

Badoozie said...

ok,if you're going to be asking direct questions, and i'm a direct answerer...maybe i should hide?

ipodmomma said...

every day is a new day, and it's hard to let go of that "this year I'll..." way of thought.

have a happy one TG, and looking forward to hearing more...

sare said...

Off on tangents, heh? Sounds familiar! Hahah.

All th every best to you in 2007 - health, happiness, love, joy and laughter!


Anvilcloud said...

I think that a little bit of rambling is just fine.

Expat Traveler said...

Dave dave dave - no I wasn't insane enough to put my body into freezing water! Let me see you dunk your hand in the ocean and let me know how it feels a few mins later (COLD!)....

But I've got a few insane friends who did it in Ireland - good enough!!!

smiley said...

A Happy 2007 to you too!

Hope you're able to stick to that new year resolution! Looking forward to hearing all about how you're getting along with it.

Mary said...

My mantra is "progress, not perfection" when it comes to the areas that I'm working on this year! That sounds more "doable"!

Best wishes in the new year.

Jamie Dawn said...

Uh-huh... hmmmm... uh-huh... I see....
What was that you said? I got lost in the rambling.
I can't stand to be late for anything. It drives me NUTS!!
I wish you success with your resolutions. You are brave to ask others how they see you. You are being vulnerable to ask them to tell you what shortcomings they see in you. I think its a great idea! I might give that a try.

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