Saturday, January 06, 2007

Catch up

No time for the "winter blues" here at the Armchair.


Life is just too full and rich. I appear to be just as busy in "down season" as I was in December. Last night I went to bed at 10:00 - unusual for me, as I'm usually an hour into work on a Friday night at that point. The upshot? I was awake at 2:00 AM. For about 45 minutes, I putzed around. All of one interesting email to read, so I replied... at length! Close to 3:00AM, I was tired again, so returned to bed.

I haven't been "blue" as much as I've been tired. I get lots of rest, but still don't feel energized. Yesterday, my day started at 6:00AM. I spent the bulk of the day travelling around the city by train. First it was a visit to the Chiropractor at 8:00 AM. (preceeded by a stop at the nearby Starbucks -- that place is going to be the death of me, financially at least!) I made a downtown appointment 10 minutes early, so popped into a local java shop there for a tea. You can imagine what the next stop might be, right? Anyway, moving forward...

I received a call from a client via cell phone while I was on the train. We'd done a party for the Alberta Sherrif's Department at Christmas. He had my money and wanted to know when and where we could meet. I had a quick stop to make at the library, then met my Sherrif friend at yet ANOTHER coffee shop. He showed up in full uniform, including sidearm. We sit ourselves at a table while he proceeds to count out over five hundred dollars in cash... right in the middle of the coffee shop! He then says,

"It's O.K. If anyone tries to rob us, I'll just shoot 'em."

At this point I had my head down, counting bills. His comment broke my concentration as I broke out in absolute laughter. I think HE got a laugh out of the fact that I laughed so hard!

With fist-full-of-dollars, I decided the best thing to do was to hit the bank... and fast! So, back to the train. On the platform stood not one, but two Transit Cops. They will normally board a given train and check for fares and such. I struck up a conversation with one of them, not much more than "Hi, how are you?", mind you.

Once inside the bank, I felt a might safer.

Deposit made, I then turned to leave.

Then, I recognized a face. It was A., mother of one of my DJs (and a good friend from years back, J.) We stood and chatted for some time. I found out that J.'s sister, T. had been in a car accident on Christmas Eve. She was now in the local hospital recovering from a massive head injury and varous other major body bumps and breakages. It's on my ajenda to visit, however I don't really know her that well. Her folks and my folks have been friends for years and J. has been a friend of mine for as long.

Today is dedicated to cranking out a first draft of my second essay assignment, so best I be going.

Here's to rest and things accomplished.


Anvilcloud said...

The C Train and coffee shops. There oughta be a song.

Expat Traveler said...

catching up...yup I'm trying to do that too!

And OZ would be the place of choice for travel next. But with P, I'll pick Ireland...

ipodmomma said...

friends don't let friends go to Starbucks... we need to find you a new java stop! :)))

boy, do I long to be back on the West Coast after hearing that story! good thing he had his side arm...

prayers are with your friend's sister...

Misty said...

Might want to rethink how many java stops? It may be part of the reason for the crash at 10pm and early morning insomnia.

I've got a touch of insomnia as well, but that's mainly because of the children/work schedule the past couple weeks and all the year-end stuff that needs to be tied up.

Good luck on Essay #2!

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