Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Poetic Inspiration

This was in my email box tonight from Ann:

Albert Camus

In the depths of winter,
I finally realized
that deep within me
there lay
an Invincible summer

Inspirational, thank you!


Dawn said...

I think that is very inspirational too! First time leaving a comment on your blog I think. My name is Dawn and I am from Canada.

Granny said...

Tell me I didn't send you a blank email. The Camus quote is on the bottom of all my emails. It keeps me going sometimes.

Turtle Guy said...

DAWN - Thanks for dropping by!

GRANNY - Tell me I'm not losing my mind... it's the first time I've seen it! And no, the mail was not blank...

Chrystal said...

Hey there, been gone for a while, I'm gonna do that tagged thing. I can't believe I've been so busy. OK, I guess I can...planning an wedding when working full time with four kids in the house will definately take up one's spare time.

I liked what granny said. Spring is my favourite season and in the midst of winter is it always good to remember that the cold and darkness will not last. Speaking of both the seasons and the frame of mind.

Sarah Elaine said...

Beautiful... Simple and succinct.

ipodmomma said...

summer is my favorite time of year!!! :)))

wthenrest said...

Very nice. Simple yes...but deep.

Granny said...

It's at the bottom of each email automatically. I'd have to manually delete it.

It's from The Plague which I confess I haven't read but I've always loved that line.

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