Monday, March 20, 2006

A Fresh Start

All these deep posts as of late - searching my soul, spending time in my desert, scratching the surface of the uncomfortable zones, changing belief systems - they're taking their toll.

I'm worn out, worn down, my wheels are constantly turning, spinning.

I told Sarah at dinner last night that it's all very exhausting. She agreed, and I think her theme words of "Light and Strong" are good guides. I've become myred in over-analysis and digging, digging, digging.

I've forgotten, in the short term, how to lighten up, laugh and enjoy the moment for what it is.

Have you ever noticed how just about anything comes together so much easier when you're genuinely light-hearted, open and care-free?

I had a friend at one time, who was my first basement tennant. His outlook on life was very negative. He would come home grumpy and bitchy every single day. He could tell you just what was wrong with EVERYTHING! Not a positive influence, not a person you find yourself wanting to be around! He couldn't understand how my life was going so well. As he saw it, I had everything handed to me. I had the job I wanted, the house I wanted, the friends I wanted. His life was not what he wanted and I could tell why. He continued to get more and more of what he spent so much of his time focusing on: misery.

True, getting what you want out of life is often a whole lot of work. I believe in my soul, though, that the work seems a whole lot less like "work" when you take a lighter approach to problem solving. Invite people in - it's been my experience that people will treat you as you treat them. Treat everyone with respect, dignity and neighbourly invitation. You'll be amazed at how positively they'll respond to you!

Today the "have to do"s are "get to do"s.

As Mollie has shared with me, and I agree:
" enjoying life, each day, is the main thing. and giving thanks for whatever comes... "


Anvilcloud said...

Treat everyone with respect, dignity ...

I pretty well found this true as a teacher of those supposedly terrible teens too.

Granny said...

Of course you're right and good for you.

wthenrest said...

Yes, sometimes those soul searches have to be broken up by a good old fashion pillow fight!!!
I have also known people that can't see the forest for the trees :0) They are so busy focusing on their misery instead of looking around.
Those positive influences are much more important to have around...I agree.

Andrea said...

soul searching can be very important but it can be tiring. Once and a while a good search is necessary but it needs to be balanced with a good rugby game, dance or party.

it is all in the balance - that is what I have been learning about myself as of late.

Sarah Elaine said...

I have just finished reading the Tao of Pooh. I highly recommend it... lighthearted and playful are key themes in it.

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