Friday, November 12, 2010

A picture would have been worth a thousand words

I was on the train this afternoon from the University station heading south. When the train arrived at the platform, I along with two others stepped on board through the door at the end of the car. We turned right only to discover a very large fellow sprawled from one bench, across the aisle to the other - three seats from the front.

He was asleep.

I quickly ducked into the first seat inside the door - reserved for priority seating, but conveniently empty at the time! The girl in front of me chose to climb over the fellow's legs and make her way toward the rear of the car.

I watched - for two stops - as people would board the train and awkwardly climb over this fellow to get to available seats. Oddly, no one said a word about him, and no one even disturbed him. At the second stop, a lady got on with her young son. She looked around and decided it wasn't worth clambering over the giant of a man and chose to stand near the door. I decided to offer up my seat, stepped out into the aisle, hopped over sleepy-guy's legs and grabbed a seat two benches behind him.

At the next stop, three Peace Officers were on the platform. One boarded the train, woke the fellow and asked him to step off the train. With no commotion, no fuss, he simply got up and exited the train. The Peace Officer grabbed the fellow's backpack and said, "I'll just grab this for you so you don't forget it." As the train pulled away, I saw the group of three officers questioning sleepy-guy.

I'd never seen this before; I had left my phone at home - kinda wish I'd had my camera.

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Anvilcloud said...

Hey Dave. Drop by the new place sometime and say hello.

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