Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Good fortune, timing and a little luck

On Monday I took the C-Train downtown to an appointment with a potential client. I like to take the train in and out of downtown when I'm simply attending a meeting because it means I'm free of the hassle and cost of parking a vehicle.

At home I counted out some loose change, enough for the $2.50 fare. I plugged the machine with my nickles, dimes, quarters and dollar coin - in no particular sequence. Two of the nickles fell though... consistently - they wouldn't take.

I changed machines.

Same thing.

I changed machines AGIAN.

AGAIN, the same two nickles fell through.

Frustrated, knowing this was my only change on hand, I was in a bit of a fit. Now you may be wondering why I simply didn't get on the train and take my trip - who would know, right? What are the chances of actually getting caught?

Well... back in April, I DID get caught. One in a million. It couldn't have happened on a better day, either. On that day back in April, I had just received news that my van would need a $3500.00 transmission, and I was making my way from the Foothills Hospital to a chiropractic appointment at Dalhousie Station - then at the end of the LRT line. I had boarded the train at University station after realizing my book of tickets was at home, and loose change? Nada. THEN, I figured,

"Two stops? What are the chances?"

Well, on that day, quite good, actually! (To the tune of $150.00, actually!)

So... on Monday I was ready to head home and reschedule with my client!

I had one more machine to try. I looked over at the device that stamps the ticket-book tickets. On it sat a stamped ticket.

"What are the chances it's still good?"

On this particular day, at this particular time - quite good, actually! Transit tickets in Calgary are valid for 90 minutes from the time of validation. This one had been stamped 15 minutes prior at a nearby station. I guess someone was looking out for me! It's actually quite common to see people offering up unused tickets on their way off the platform, but never have I seen a ticket simply sitting there - a gift to someone (like me, for instance) who might be in need.

I accepted the ticket from the Universe, said a little 'thank you' and proceeded on my way. I actually had enough time to do my business downtown and return before its expiration, too.

Indeeed, good fortune, timing and yes, luck.

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Anvilcloud said...

I don't do public transit out here, but we did a lot in Vancouver where the tickets were also good for 90 minutes. Leaving tickets for others to use seems like a great idea although I'm sure the city wouldn't agree.

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