Friday, July 31, 2009

Slow like Turtle, heart like Rabbit

So yesterday evening I was at Shopper's Drug Mart and simply on spec tried out the blood pressure cuff they have for public use at the pharmacy.

Was I surprised at the result? You bet.

187 / 94

For those of you who aren't in the know, 120 / 80 is normal. My "normal" is slightly lower, actually, at 110 / 70. You can see why I was surprised!

My resting heart rate is high, too - this afternoon it clocked in at 79 BPM, and although in music terms that's the tempo of a slow song, it certainly isn't anything plodding where my heart is concerned. Normal for me is in around 58 to 61.

What's up?

Dunno, but I called the Health Link folks and was told a few things of note:

--Because I'm showing no "symptoms", there isn't any reason to panic

--If my numbers reach the low 200s and/or are accompanied by blurred vision or back pain, I must seek medical attention within four hours

--Because 187 / 94 is well over 20 points higher than my "normal", I should go in to the clinic to be checked out... today or tomorrow.

I think I'll sleep on it. I was also told that you should take your BP on an empty stomach - which mine wasn't yesterday - so perhaps I'll return tomorrow to the pharmacy first.

Taken now after sitting to write this post, my pulse is down to 66.

Hmm... sleep on it, yes.


Anvilcloud said...

BP goes up and down. I had a high reading at the doctor's once, which she suggested I monitor (at Shoppers) for a while afterward, and I was fine.

Janice said...

Your BP can go up if your nervous or stressed, or in pain. Even Certain medications can make your BP go up. My hubby was told reciently that certain times of the day it will be different.


Anna said...

go get this checked, as you never know...

and if yours turns out to be fine, tell that store; maybe they need their machine checked too...

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