Monday, December 15, 2008

"Turn it into something you love." - TG, December 2008

Last week I said something to a friend of mine that didn't really soak in until yesterday... for me.

My friend Lori and I were having coffee as we do on occasion - sampling the seasonal specials at Starbucks. I don't often go in for the fancy, expensive, foo-foo drinks but decided to give it a shot.

As we sat over our steaming chocolate-coffee-something-or-others, our conversation was of well being, fitness and healthy eating... go figure!

As of late, I've been extremely pleased with my success at the yoga studio. I've finally found something that is not only doable, but enjoyable as well. I believe it to be in large part due to the non-competitive nature of yoga. It's also been a vehicle for me to discover that doing "a little a lot" accomplishes far more than doing "a lot, a little". In very simple terms, I love it.

Lori's been going to the gym, and was concerned that it wasn't all that easy for her to keep it up - thus, she wasn't all that happy with her progress. I asked her if she loved it. I cannot remember her exact words, but the essence of her response was 'no'. It seemed it was something she HAD to do to lose weight and feel good. She didn't say anything about enjoying the process, and that's what prompted me to say,

"Turn it into something you love."

I explained WHY I love yoga, and that because I've been able to set it up to be exactly what I want, I keep at it with enthusiasm.

I was reminded of my own words yesterday when I was feeling kinda down about things in general.

The day started with contemplating whether or not to attend church. even though I was curious to see what had transpired since last week, I felt really agitated. I was feeling a wreck, so I decided that I've spent enough energy on it. I'll share the story in time, but for now I need to take a step back.

So, to make a conscious effort to change modes, I went about doing things that I love. I went for a Nellie's breakfast in Marda Loop with a friend and followed it up with a trip to the pottery studio.

I woke up early this morning thinking some more about my oh-so-profound words,

"Turn it into something you love."

It's on my agenda this week to apply the theory to some other area. It works with yoga because I can do it on my own terms. Perhaps it's time to tackle the paperwork in the office, or apply it to... sales. *shudder*

OK, maybe I should start with something I LIKE and see how it goes.

I'll keep you posted.


Anvilcloud said...

This could be very profound. It's something like, "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade," but perhaps even beyond that.

ipm said...

definitely the way to go... :)))

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