Saturday, July 05, 2008

This space reserved for...

...a really long story!

Of course, the story grows longer as the days pass by, so I should do my due by not putting it off any longer.

I told you recently of a lifestyle change I've been preparing for.

A big one.

It involved, but has not be limited to, a whirlwind tour by truck round-trip to Quebec City.

And yes, AC, it had everything to do with a girl.

Meet Nathalie. She made the decision to move back to Calgary from Quebec City back in May, and I've been excited, not to mention a little nervous ever since.

We took this picture of us in the lobby of the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City on April 5th. I think it's a delightful shot.

I'll give you all a fully-detailed account of the trip soon, but duty calls and I must now move some furniture out to make some room... she's off to buy a kitten she found at the pet store.... won't Tiki be pleased! Now our household is up to two dogs, two cats and a rabbit... not to mention four humans.


Oh, yes, more on my visit with AC as well...

A bientoi!


Anvilcloud said...

Glad to meet Nathalie by photo and you earlier in person.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to fill everyone in on the "can you drive me to the airport, I'm going to Quebec in 1/2 an hour". lol

ipm said...

lovely pictures! looking VERY much forward to hearing the rest... hee hee...

Anonymous said...

We enjoyed your visit too. Trust all is well... Bonsoir...


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